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Lamia gathered her clothes and got dressed, the mayor was already snoring.  Some men fall sleep after sex, but with Lamia’s help it was more often than not.  Her lovers fell exhausted, not only because of the intense physical activity, but because of her power that allowed her to borrow their energy.  She never did that with colonel Peroz, her superior, but with the others it was common.

Feeling invincible and energized Lamia started to the most secure section of jail, using the insignia she had borrowed from the mayor she went through the first controls without problem.  She calculated that she had at least two hours to visit the old witch before there would be any risk of the mayor waking up and missing the insignia.

“I’ll take that” Lamia intercepted a soldier carrying a food tray and took it from him.

“As you wish” the soldier bowed and gave her the tray.

Lamia arrived to a cell guarded by two soldiers, one of them searched the tray for anything unusual and after making sure everything was in order opened the door to Lamia.

“Dinner is ready” cheerfully announced Lamia.

The woman in the cell was old, around 60 years old.  At first glance it was difficult to guess her age, she had a fit body, slim and strong, despite not being able to participate in any fight, years of training had left her with a difficult to forget routine and even at her age she spent a couple of hours training every day.   Her age was betrayed by the grey strands on her hair and the wrinkles on her skin, especially on her face and hands.

“Thank you dear” said the woman as she struggled to sit up.

“Let me help you” said Lamia as she approached her and setting the tray in the floor next to them offered a hand to Cerridwen.  As their hands made contact Lamia also passed some of her newly obtained energy to her.

“How was your day?” asked the old woman as she fought away the pain of moving.

“Just like you said, when I arrived a group of Caracronies was bothering her.”

“Caracronies?” asked the woman trying not to laugh, it made her hurt.

“Yeah, you know, that band of brown noses that hung around the pompous heir” explained Lamia.  “By the way, I met Dux on my way there, like you said, and I told him where I was going and why, and he gave me his wolf to take to Kaiserin.  I really doubt that someone would be dumb enough to go after her as long as the little ball of fur is with her.”

“That’s good, I’m really grateful to you” once she found a comfortable position she started eating, but the effort was painful.

“They haven’t allowed a healer to come see you?” asked Lamia after seeing Cerridwen trying to mask her pain with each movement.

“I think Sultana is still mad at me” answered the old woman feigning indifference.

“Are you going to explain me now what did you do to have her throw you into a wall and breaking all of your little bones?” the old woman couldn’t help a little bit of laughter at the younger woman words.

“It wasn’t that bad, I think I just have a couple of broken ribs” said the woman, “is just that I have been pampered so long that I forgot how to deal with a little bit of pain.

“What did you do?” insisted Lamia.

“I hurt her in a way she couldn’t forgive, I put his most loved treasure at risk” she said in a cryptic way.

“Alright, if you don’t want to tell me if fine, but forget about me visiting you again, you can be here, alone without anyone to talk to for all I care.”

“I’m not scared little one, my body can be trapped between these walls, but my spirit is free to roam the astral reams if I wish to do so.”

“You are not a nice person, you know?” said Lamia annoyed.  “I could leave and take the energy I gave you with me.”

“Ok, you win” conceded the old woman.  “You just have heard the rumors about the new group, the new special unit that is being formed, the one your cousin is part of.”

“That’s right, normally those groups are formed with seasoned warriors, but this time the group is going to be fill with young and daring new warriors, the most promising among us, although they didn’t call me” she finished with a pout.

“Well, that group is formed mostly by inexperienced warriors because my visions told me that in the battle yet to come is their lack of experience what is going to give them the strength to survive.  They will be sent to a suicide mission, most of them won’t come back.”

“Sultana is mad because you predicted the death of her guards?” asked Lamia after a long silence.

“Of course not, she is mad at me because I convinced her daughter to be part of a group with little possibility of survival.”

“But if you sent Kaiserin there is because you know she will survive, right?” asked Lamia, this time her tone a lot more serious than before.

“I am not sure if that will be the case” as Cerridwen spoke Lamia’s playful attitude completely evaporated, she approached her, eyes bloodshot.  Cerridwen quickly added “I have faith in Kaiserin, I  know what she is capable of and I have given her the tools she needs to survive.”

“But you are not sure, you set her up!” Lamia didn’t attack the old woman, but she didn’t felt sorry for her injuries anymore, now she knew she deserved all of them.  “She could die and you don’t even care.”

“I do care, she’s my only worthy descendant, and I’m only doing this out of concern for her.  If she survives she will become a legend.”

“If she survives, but if she doesn’t…” Lamia was pacing inside the tiny cell.  “I’m not surprised that Sultana is so mad at you.  Everyone is right about you, you just toy with other people’s lives.  I swore to you, if something happens and my favorite cousin and ally dies because of you, you will have a horrible accident before you can leave this place.

“If something happens to her, you will be the last of my worries” said Cerridwen.  “But it’s funny how concerned you are about her wellbeing now, in the future you will be concerned about the opposite.”

That’s enough witch, I won’t stay here to hear your poisonous words.  Kaiserin and I are and will always be allies.”  That being said Lamia stormed out of the cell, thinking about waking the mayor and releasing some stress with him or maybe going directly with the colonel.  She had her pick, no men had ever rejected her.

Cerridwen was left alone and she struggled to the hard cold floor of her cell.  She knew that Lamia’s tantrum would not last long, in a couple of days she would be back with news about Kaiserin and other gossips.   The one she wasn’t expecting in a long time was Sultana, she haven’t even give her time to explain, she has burst into the Seers housing and throwing her power at her had caught her in a strong wind current and threw her against the wall.  Despite knowing what was coming Cerridwen had no chance of stopping the empress, she had lost counsciousness as soon as she hit the wall and had woken up in the cell.  She wasn’t ready for the hard conditions of her imprisonment, she was used to the pampered life of the seers.  She knew that she wasn’t getting out of there in a few weeks, her freedom depended on Kaiserin’s future.  She hoped that her teachings would be useful to Kaiserin and that her plan would work out, because if Kaiserin didn’t survive her first mission outside the Palace, neither would Cerridwen.


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