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Modra took a few steps back, just like the rest, trying to get out of the fight.  It was difficult to see, with all the fire and the smoke, but the screams gave a pretty good picture of what was going on.  The girl was stubborn and suicidal, Modra still couldn’t believe she could be so stupid, she had attacked the general.

Finally, the fire started to die, Kaiserin’s body was finally visible.  Part of her uniform was missing, consumed by the fire, her right arm was missing some skin, the burnt skin and muscle showed a black and red pattern.  Modra realized that without medical care she would be dead in a few minutes.

“Do you want me to take her to the infirmary?” Modra asked the still enraged Vasuman.

“What for?” Vasuman turned to Modra and she saw the fire still burning in Vasuman’s eyes.

“She needs medical attention.” Modra answered.

“She disobeyed me, and attacked me! She deserves what she got, and I’m not sure it would be useful to spend the infirmary’s resources on someone like her.”

“You’re right General, as always.”  Modra didn’t know why she was interfering, but there was something in Kaiserin that had caught her attention.  She was strong and brave, and even though Vasuman was in his right to punish her, Modra couldn’t just stay there and do nothing.  “After all,” she said, dropping her voice to a whisper so the others wouldn’t hear her, “I doubt they would even be willing to receive her, after all, they told her she wasn’t ready to get out of there.”

“So she disobeyed my orders and her doctor’s orders?” asked Vasuman also in a whisper.

“I’m afraid so, and not just once, after her fight with Zounkla she was warned to take things easy because of her broken arm, but she went and fought Isen.  She was in a very bad shape, not just because of her fight with Zounkla and Isen, she had some past traumas not yet healed, but she was determined to be here at this meeting.  She has a death wish, I can’t think of anything else to explain her behavior.”

Just as Modra had predicted, Vasuman’s bad temper had dissipated, he was intrigued, thinking.

“Take her to the infirmary, but make sure she is only treated by doctors, and don’t want healers near her.”  Vasuman finally said.

“As you wish General.”  Modra went to the girl and took her in her arms.  She knew Kaiserin was unconscious so she didn’t care if she was a little rough, she would feel it, besides, it was more important to take her to the infirmary fast.  “I will be back in a few minutes General.”

“Don’t worry about that, the meeting is dismissed.”

“But you haven’t said who the new colonel is going to be.” Someone complained.

“I will need more time to think about that, many things have changed in these few days I’ve been out.”  Vasuman said as he exited the office.

Modra smiled, the girl would have her opportunity, if only she could be smart enough not to blow it again.


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