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Vasuman couldn’t stop thinking about Kaiserin, it was a good surprise to find that she was Sultana’s daughter after all, but he felt remorse at the way he had treated her.  Once again, he opened the folder labeled Sklave, it was hard to believe everything written inside.  The reports that had been sent to the palace had a detailed description of the ‘punishments’ received by Kaiserin, but to Vasuman it was more like reading a torture report.  He felt especially perturbed by the punishment she had received four months after her arrival, it was a punishment usually reserved for the enemies of the clan, and it was one that most didn’t survive.

He had a better understanding of Kaiserin.  The reports shed some light to the aversion she had to the name Sklave, that name was a reminder of the abuse and humiliations Agmong had put her through.  It also explained her reaction to Isen’s advances, Agmong had used sex to torture her, to break her, and after that she was afraid of it. But she had recovered, she was a very surprising girl, she had even defied him.  Vasuman remembered her strength and bravery as she fought him and he couldn’t help but admire her.

“Are you busy?” Boyar entered his office unannounced, interrupting Vasuman’s thoughts.

“Just checking some documents, nothing important.”  Vasuman closed the folder and put it aside, covering the label so Boyar couldn’t see what it was about.  He turned to look at Boyar and was shocked to see the other General with a black eye and a few bruises.  “What happened to you?”

“Your new toy tried to escape, I went after her.”

“What do you mean she tried to escape?  Escape from what?” Vasuman wasn’t sure he understood Boyar’s words.

“Apparently Kaiserin decided to leave, she took one of your uniforms, knocked out your guards and left.  I found her at the limits of the city, ready to go.  To desert.”

“What did you do?” Vasuman asked, trying to mask his concern.  Desertion was a crime punished by death.

“Don’t worry, I leave her punishment to you.  I brought her back and left her in your room for you.”  Boyar smiled and Vasuman once again worried about her.  “It will be hard to control her, for the moment I recommend to leave her naked, that will prevent her from trying to escape again.”

“Naked?” Vasuman asked, confused.

“Being naked make her feel weak and unprotected, she won’t try to leave your room unless she has something to cover herself.  I took the liberty of taking out of your room your uniforms, bed linens and anything she could use to cover herself.  You can use her vulnerability against her.”

“Is that really necessary?” Vasuman was angry at Boyar.

“It is, if you want your chance to enjoy her.”

“Thanks for your help, I will go to her now.”

“Of course, have fun.” Boyar said as he walked out of Vasuman’s office, back to his own.

Vasuman entered his room, but was frozen in place by the sight waiting for him.  Kaiserin was spread eagle, Boyar had tied her up to his bed.  As Vasuman walked closer to her he noticed the new bruises on her skin.  He wondered why she hadn’t used her powers to free herself, but concluded that Boyar had used his powers to give her a psychic headache, rendering her powers useless.

Vasuman sat on the bed, next to her.  Kaiserin didn’t move, was she unconscious?  Her wrists and ankles were raw, she had fought her bindings, injuring herself in the process.  Maybe the effort had exhausted her, maybe she was only sleeping.

Vasuman took the cream they had given him to treat Kaiserin’s burns, it had some anesthetic and he thought it would help her new injuries.  He went first for her right wrist, he untied it and applied the cream, being careful not to damage the burnt tissue.  After finishing with it, he went for one of her ankles and then the other.  When he went to untie the last bind he noticed Kaiserin staring at him.

“What are you doing?” she asked, the confusion clear in her voice.

“The only relevant question here is, what the hell were you thinking?  Why did you try to leave the place?” Vasuman roared.  He was clearly angry, but still he treated her wrist with care as he applied the cream to the raw skin.

“It was a better option than to wait here for you to come back and rape me.”  She said.  Her attitude was aggressive and her voice had an edge to it, but her eyes were full of tears.

“If I wanted to rape you I would have done it already.  I don’t want to hurt you.  I’m sure we can find something that can make both of us happy.  There are worst things than sharing my bed.”

“I have spent enough time as someone else’s toy to know that is something I don’t want to repeat.  Just a few days ago I was a warrior, I can’t go back to being nothing.”

Vasuman finished treating her wrist and let it go.  Kaiserin moved backwards until her back hit the wall, then she put her knees to her chest and hugged her legs, trying to cover herself as much as possible.  Vasuman watched her and remembered Boyar words.

“You are what I decide you to be.  I’m in charge here, I can give and take.  I decided to be lenient and not to punish you as you deserve for your actions, but I can’t trust you anymore.”  Vasuman took the colonel insignia out of his pocket and put it on the bed, where Kaiserin could see it.  “I was thinking about giving you the rank of colonel, but how can I trust you to be a colonel if you can’t even follow simple orders?  I told you to wait here for me.”  Kaiserin was staring at the insignia with desire and wariness.  “Maybe I should forget about the insignia and send you back to Joshes, she will find a way of keeping you in your place.”

“Why don’t you just kill me? I’m tired of this charade.”

“It’s not an option I am considering.”  But Vasuman was worried because it was obvious to him in that moment that it was an option for her.

“Then what option I have?” she asked in a whisper.  She was trying very hard to act tough, but Vasuman could see she was scared.

“Well, first you have to show me that I can trust you.  I was going to keep you here just until your injuries were healed, but I think I will have to keep you here so I can make sure you don’t do anything stupid, like trying to escape again.  I won’t ask anything from you until you are fully healed.  You have until you are healthy again to decide if you would rather share my bed and be a colonel or be back with Joshes as a lieutenant.”  Vasuman watched as she shivered at Joshes’ name.  She was scared of her, it was good to know.

“I’m cold.”  She said after a long silence.  “Could you give me something to wear? Or maybe give me a blanket?” she asked.  Vasuman was sure that her request had more to do with the vulnerability Boyar had told him about than real cold.

“That’s a privilege, and you will have to earn it.”  Vasuman said.  “Just do what I told you to do and I will reward you.”

Vasuman stood up and went to his desk.  From the corner of his eye, he saw Kaiserin’s defenses crumbling, she looked utterly defeated.  Vasuman felt guilty for a moment, but he reminded himself that it was necessary.  Kaiserin needed to be shown who was in charge, once she realized that it was in her best interest to obey him, everything would be easier and he would be able to enjoy her.  It had been a gift from the gods to find her here, and despite his threats he was never going to let Kaiserin leave his side.


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