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Melchizedek took a deep breath, he needed to calm down and keep his emotions under control, he could feel the anger boiling inside him, but if he let it out and affect the others it would be worse, the last thing the High Priests needed was to add anger to their arrogance.

“I insist that it’s unfair to punish the children for the crimes of their parents.  I understand that a crime was committed, but the mother did it, I don’t see why you should send the children with her to the Shadows, especially since their so close to starting their services at the temple.” Melchizedek insisted.

“You only have to take the criminals to the Shadows, it’s not your job to decide who goes and who doesn’t,” Zangot said.

“I think we should listen to Melchizedek, there’s no harm in listening,” Encendre said.

“With all due respect Priestess, I think you are biased, the love you have for your son makes you forget his sins,” Zangot said.  “We all know that Melchizedek betrayed not only his family, but the goddess herself, when he put an impure over us.  And we are also aware that during his auto imposed exile he has changed the way in which the Shadows are ruled.”

“Everything I’ve done has been according to the goddess teachings.  She is mercy and compassion, but you are everything but that.  You give the same punishment to a cold blooded killer that enjoys taking innocents lives and the mother that steals food to feed her children.  How do you expect me to do nothing about this?  I need to protect the innocents and punish those who are truly evil.  What you do is not fair.  Most of the people in the Shadows are not even guilty of any crime, they are the descendants of those you sent there.”

“The sins of the parents should be punished to the third and fourth generation,” Josafat said.  “I have seen your innocents using their powers without permission.  Or are you denying that those salvages use the gift of the goddess without the proper blessings?  I know for a fact that your own wife uses her strength and speed without following the temple protocols, she had even done acts of violence using her gifts.”

“She has never used her powers for personal gain; Soturi uses her powers to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  If the goddess herself gave her those gifts, wouldn’t it be an insult not to use them?”

“Melchizedek, don’t pretend to teach us about the goddess designs,” the High Priest, his grandfather, scolded him.  “Is time to make communion with the goddess and ask her to enlighten us.  We will take your words into consideration while we ask the goddess for guidance.  Tonight you will rest with us, tomorrow morning you will leave with all the prisoners we give you.”

Melchizedek knew he was being dismissed, his visit was over.  It was an accomplishment that even after leaving his family to be with Soturi he could still ask for an audience with the High Priests, especially because he was considered dead by his family.  But being part of their ceremonies was another issue, he had to leave the temple.

During his time living in the Shadows, Melchizedek had learned a lot, but it was impossible to share his experiences and teach what he learned to those who didn’t want to learn.  He knew that the best way of helping people in the Shadows was from the Light, but even if he could somehow being accepted by the High Priests again, Soturi and Mistral would never been, and he knew that he could not be apart from them, not even for the wellbeing of all the people in the Shadows.


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