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Queen Sofia

First, I want to apologize for my lack of post last week.  I’m doing what I didn’t want to do, I’m not keeping my posts schedule, but it was a crazy week.  You have read about the Dark and the Light, now I give you a glimpse of a third power, the Free Nations Union.

Queen Sofia sat alone, sipping her cup of tea. There was no error, a new powerful seers was being born, she was receiving the first taste of her visions, just like Sofia a few decades earlier. It was time too, since Cerridwen’s death the balance had been broken, for even if they lived on the other side of the world, the inhabitants of the Dark and the Light had always had a true seer, one as powerful as herself. The young priest had that spot in the Light, but there was a void in the Dark. There used to be more like her in the old continents too, but at that time she was the only with a true power, one capable to see long into the future, not just a few months or a couple of years. It was a shame too, for if there were more like her maybe what was to come could be changed. She had tried already, she had given her son Charles the throne in an effort to stop her daughter’s ambition, but it wasn’t enough, and in her failure she had condemned her family and her people to a gruesome war.

But the new seer had given her hope, for she could sense that she would be a part of a new future, one where the old and new continents could be together again, could stop hiding from each other. She still didn’t know how that would happen, but she was confident it would. She needed to go deep into the fogs of the future to try and make sense of everything that was happening, and she knew that the next few years would be troublesome, but it was necessary for a better future.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Asked her younger son, William.

“I’m sure my dear.” She smiled at him, a sad smile, for she didn’t know how long it would be before she could see him again. “It’s better if I stay here, it would be safer for the both of us this way.”

“Why would it be safer?” He asked, but he saw the glassy look on his mother’s eyes and knew it would be a waste to insist, his mother was trapped in a vision or would be soon. “I’ll see you soon mother.” He said and kissed his mother’s forehead before leaving her.

And Sofia was already trapped in the nightmare that her visions were, for she was reliving the next few days, trying a last time to find an alternative to what was to come, but convinced that there was no way to avoid the pain, her heart breaking again ahead of time, mourning the lives that were yet to be lost. For it was the curse of her power, to see and not to be able to fix, having to sacrifice the few in favor of the many.

The tea was cold by the time she left the fogs of destiny, there was nothing else for her to do but wait. It would be years before she could meet the key for hers and her people’s freedom.


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