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Chapter 7

Alkaia was losing patience, I could see. I had convinced her to walk away from the camp so we could have a private chat, still I checked the surrounding area, getting sure there were no witnesses for the talk that was about to happen.
“I’ve been very patient with you, I listened to you, I trusted you, despite not even knowing your name, but enough is enough.” Alkaia said.
“First of all, there is something you have to know,” I took a deep breath and faced her, “I’m a seer. My visions were the ones that guided me to you and that let me guide you to Tank.”
“That’s difficult to believe, there hasn’t been a seer among the Amazons in years, the last one died without leaving a successor, there’s no one to prove your claim.”
“I know that, that’s why I’m here, there are some things that are going to happen that you need to know about and you have no one to guide you.”
“Let’s start from the beginning, I need your name.”
“My name is Kaiserin.” I could see the recognition in her face. Immediately her demeanor changed, she tensed her muscles and her body moved into a defensive stance, she was ready to attack. “I was betrayed,” I continued before she had her chance to attack, “those I trusted conspired to kill me. Thanks to my visions I know that even if I were to return to the Palace and fight those opposing me, my child wouldn’t survive the battle.” My hand went to my belly, in a protective gesture that I couldn’t help. Alkaia followed the movement and understood. “I need a safe place to stay at least until my child is born.”
“You are the Empress,” her words were an accusation, “you are the enemy of all of the Free Clans.”
“I have never attacked your Clan, the only fights between your Clan and mine in the last years have been provoked by you.”
“I may accept you to stay with us, but you will have to pay your stay with information.”
“No. I won’t betray my people, even if they are willing to betray me. Let me be completely clear Alkaia, I’m willing to obey your rules while I stay here, I’m even willing to be respectful to you, but I won’t help you harm my people.”
“Then what use are you to me? If I can get what I want from you, if you insist on not giving me the information that I want, then I don’t see why I should help you.”
“The Allied Clans are not your only enemies. After what happened today, Ace will not be happy, even if he declared that Tank would not be his successor, he is still his son, and knowing how proud he is, do you think he is just going to sit and let this slide? I won’t help you to fight the Empire, but I can help you fight the Militaries. Besides, there’s another problem I can fix for you.” Alkaia tried to hide her reaction, but I could feel her apprehension, the vulnerability that she felt when she guessed what problem I was referring to. “I have spent many of my years as a trainer, one of my superiors was concerned for me, and refused to send me to battle, so I was left with the training of those who he was comfortable sending to fight. I’m sure that under my care your daughter could become a warrior you can be proud of.”
“My daughter…” Alkaia was mad, I could feel the threat in her tone of voice.
“She is a problem, she is not the kind of warrior people expect an heiress to be. Your sister and cousins sees your daughter as a weakness, an opportunity to take you out of your throne, they see her as a way to take the control of the Clan out of your hands.”
“How do you know that?”
“I told you, I’m a seer,” I repeated, “and I know more than you would like me to. But I need you to understand this: I’m here to help, not to make things worse for you.”
“Do you expect me to believe you? You made a mistake by coming here, there’s nothing to stop me from simply capturing you and use you any way I want, even against your own people. Just having the Empress under my power would be enough to rally the Free Clans under my command and make the Empire tremble.”
“I didn’t want to do this, but you left me no choice Alkaia.” Using my mind, I took Alkaia’s body and lifted it, applying pressure on her, little by little. She tried to fight me, she was strong, very strong, and I was still tired after my fight with the man, but my future and my daughter’s future depended on this and I couldn’t lose. “I know the rules of your Clan, any woman can challenge the leader of the Amazons for the Clan’s control. I could do that, I could fight you and I would win.” It was almost impossible for me to keep holding her, despite her delicate image she was very strong physically. I redirected my hold, I no longer was applying the pressure on all of her body, I concentrated all of my strength on her neck, closing her throat, making it hard for her to breathe, I kept increasing the pressure just a little, until she got the message and stopped her struggle. When she wasn’t fighting anymore, I eased the pressure a little, but I kept her in the air. “I don’t want to control your Clan, and I don’t want to hurt you. What I want is a safe heaven for the next few months. I promise that during that time I will do my best to help you, I will do my best to make your daughter a worthy heiress and I will help you stop the Militaries rage. For as long as I stay here I will accept your authority, as long as you respect me and my wishes. We don’t need to be friends, but we don’t need to be enemies either. Help me, and I will help you.” I let Alkaia fall, she landed gracefully and for a moment I expected her to attack me, I had my physic wall ready to stop her, but the attack didn’t come.
“If you do something like that again, I will kill you,” she threatened, probably trying to ease her wounded pride. “I think you could be useful after all, so I will let you come with me, but don’t expect me to trust you, I will have you under surveillance all the time and my generals will know exactly who you are, any misstep and they will tear you apart. The women in my Clan receive their name when they prove their worth, is then that they officially become part of the Clan. If you want to stay, then you will need a new name. From now on, you will be known as Pitonisa.
“Thank you Alkaia, I promise you will not regret this.”
We walked back to camp, and Alkaia asked one of her warriors to prepare a tent for me and take me there. It was a basic setting, the tent was just big enough for me, nothing like the luxurious setting I had when I was the Empress, and I was sure it was nothing compared to the accommodations that Alkaia was enjoying. It was an insult, she should know better than to give me something like that, but at the moment I didn’t care, I could go out and sleep under the stars like I had been doing the last few days, but the privacy the thin walls were giving me was comforting. I knew that I couldn’t sleep yet, I couldn’t trust Alkaia, out agreement wasn’t strong enough, she had accepted to take me with her, but she hadn’t extended her protection. At last I decided to astral project, that allowed my body and mind to rest, but kept me alert and in a position to prevent possible attacks.
Alkaia’s group divided, part of it was transporting the new slaves; there wasn’t enough space in the vehicles, so they were going to walk back to the Amazon’s territory. The only slave traveling with us was Tank, Bremusa wasn’t letting her prize out of her sight. Alkaia had invited me to travel with her, in her vehicle, and Bremusa was with us.
“Just wait until my daughter sees him, she will feel so much better once she sees this animal captured and in our mercy.”
“It won’t be that easy, until your daughter can process what happened to her, seeing Tank could make things worse, not better. If you are going to confront her with him, try to do it without witnesses, just in case she doesn’t react the way you are expecting her to.” I suggested.
“I don’t need your advice, if I wanted the opinion of an Imperialist I would ask for it,” she said, angry at me. Alkaia had told Bremusa all about me, and she wasn’t happy with the situation, she didn’t trust me and didn’t want me with them.
“I don’t care if you want it or not, I will give it to you, not for your sake, but for your daughter’s. I know what I’m talking about,” I didn’t mention that I was talking out of personal experience, “I know that the trauma is still fresh, your daughter is not going to see the pathetic creature you have turn Tank into, she will see the monster that abused her. You need to talk to her, to prepare her for what she is going to see, make sure she understands that he can no longer harm her. To see people who depend on you die is difficult for any leader, but the way it happened, and adding abuse she herself endured, only makes it worse. Your daughter is traumatized, she is carrying pain and guilt. Don’t make things worse for her by trying to force her into doing something she is not prepared to do, give her time to heal.”
“You don’t give orders around here, I will do what I think is best for my daughter and I know what that animal deserves. I will do things my way, I will handle it just fine.”
Alkaia was silent during the trip, I don’t know if she just wasn’t concerned by Bremusa’s antagonism, or if it was a test to see how long I would let them push me. Anyway, I had better things to occupy my time than answering Bremusa’s insults, so I just ignored her.
I had what I wanted, for the next four months my unborn child and I would be safe in a place no one would think of when looking for me. Even someone found out where I was, no one would believe that I was with the Amazons, at least not until it was too late to stop me from having my child and giving her the opportunity to live. My first goal achieved, I had to start thinking of the next, I had to make sure that the Amazons wouldn’t be a threat to my people, I had to find a way to ensure the safety of my daughter in the following years. There were many things to do, but for the first time in weeks I felt like I was on the right track.
The Amazon’s main base was hidden in the ruins of an old city. The esqueletons of the old buildings were like centinels, guarding the entrance and keeping an eye on the convoy. We reached an old building that had been restored, Bremusa took her slave there and Alkaia guided me to another building, a huge one that acted as her Palace. It wasn’t as big as the Empire’s Palace, but it was really impressive.
“You said that you would help me with my daughter, so I will prepare everything, starting tomorrow you will be in charge of my daughter’s training. I doubt that I have to warn you of what would happen if you fail to keep your promise.”
“Don’t threaten me Alkaia, I don’t like it and all you will accomplish is to make me angry.” Alkaia didn’t respond to my words, she just kept walking as if I hadn’t said a word, expecting me to follow her. I knew she was testing me, but I was glad to play the game, for the time being.
We walked through the building until we arrived at a door that was being watched by a couple of warriors, I realized that those were the private quarters. Alkaia walked through and then stoped before a door, she hesitated for a second and then opened the door.
“Greetings mother,” a teenager, not older than fifteen whispered her greeting. “How was your trip?”
“We achieved our goal.” Alkaia walked into the room and gestured for me to follow. “She’s Pitonisa,” she introduced me, “she will be in charge of your training from now on. She is a very strong warrior and I think that you will benefit of her teachings.”
“Whatever you think best,” the young girl whispered, so low I hardly could hear her.
“I will have a room prepared for you, one of my warriors will come for you once it is ready and show you to it. In the meantime, I think is best if you and my daughter get to know each other a little better.” Without waiting for an answer Alkaia left, leaving me with the silent girl.
“As Alkaia said, you and I will spend a lot of time together, first of all, I want you to know what I expect from you.” I explained her my rules, what I wanted from her, what kind of training we would do and what schedule I wanted her to follow. She only nodded in acknowledge of my words, but she didn’t speak, getting her to talk was difficult, and when she did talk it was barely a whisper.
I had a hard time trying to picture the shy girl in front of me as the fearsome warrior I knew she was going to become one day. The visions I had of the future leader of the Amazons were of a confident and secure woman, a strong powerful warrior. What I was seeing in front of me was a shy, scared girl that had a hard time just standing straight in front of me. It would be a difficult task to transform her into the woman I knew her to be, but I liked the challenge.


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  1. nice chapter. getting access to her daughter seems reckless but it does provide opportunities to both sides. thanks for the update.


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