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Bonus ch14

Kimball woke up with a start, he was sure he had heard something breaking.  He got up and walked out of the room he had claimed as his, ready to face any danger.  He walked pass Kaiserin’s door and wondered if she had heard the same noise, and then he heard a new sound… was that a moan?  It was soft, but he heard it again.  It was coming from Kaiserin’s room.  He hesitated for a moment, he knew she didn’t want him inside, she needed her space, her privacy, but then he heard the pained moan and had to go.

He entered the room and saw the broken glass.  Kaiserin was in her bed and her breathing was difficult.  He got closer and noticed she was shivering and was drenched in sweat.  He put his hand on her forehead and confirmed that she was indeed burning with temperature.  It wasn’t right nor normal, he had to do something.  First, he took the blankets off her, Kaiserin moaned and moved as if looking for the blankets.  Her movements were slow and he saw the pain in her face, she looked as if every little movement was difficult and painful.

“Kaiserin?” He tried to reach her, but it was as if she couldn’t hear him.  “Kaiserin?” he insisted, but she didn’t respond.

He didn’t have a lot of options, he needed to get her temperature down, he didn’t need to go find his equipment to know that her temperature was too high and needed to be dealt with quickly.  Carefully, he took her in his arms, he could feel her going rigid in his arms, her body tense.  She tried to push him away, but there was no strength behind her arms.  He got in the shower with her and got it started, as soon as the water started to pour on them Kaiserin went into a panic, she was fighting Kimball, but her attack was too weak to be effective.

Kimball was surprised by her reaction, but he needed to keep her there, he put his arms around her and held her still, he wasn’t going to let her hurt herself.  She stopped fighting him, but then he heard something he never expected from her:  whimpering.  It was hard to concentrate, her whimpers were tearing him apart, but he needed to help her.  It took a while, but finally he felt like her temperature had gone down enough for him to take her out and take a look at her leg, he had a suspicion that that was her problem, a nasty infection could be Kaiserin’s problem.  He got her out of the shower and started to take her clothes off, he needed to get her into some dry clothes.  She was talking, or trying to, he got closer to try and heard what she was saying.

“Please, no more, I can’t take it anymore, it hurts so much.  Please, no more.”  She kept repeating it again and again.

Kimball tried to ignore the words, it wasn’t time to think about it, for he had the suspicion that those words weren’t meant for him.  He toweled her, and then wrapped her in her bathrobe.  He carried her back to her bed and put her down gently.  He got back to his room to get his doctor’s bag.  When he got back into her room, he saw that she was trying to crawl out of the bed.

“Don’t move!” Kimball yelled, more harshly than he intended due to his concern for her.  Kaiserin froze in place and started trembling.

He got to the bed and pulled her to the center of the bed so she would be more comfortable and then started to check her leg.  She started sobbing, it was worse than before, Kimball noticed that she was trying not to cry, or at least not to let him hear her, but it was pointless, he could still hear her and it felt awful, he couldn’t take it, she was terrified, but why?

The wound was definitely infected, her leg was red and felt hot and there was pus on the wound.  Kimball started to clean it, he needed to make sure it was as clean as possible, then he could give her some medicine and take some of her pain away.  He had to focus on his work, there was time later to think about her behavior, to try and guess what has happened to turn the strongest, most confident woman he knew into a terrified girl.  He would get answers later, but first, he had to make sure she was ok.


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