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Chapter 17

I could see Alkaia’s daughter losing her patience.  All her life she had heard that men were inferior beings, but now she was facing a man that was so strong she wasn’t even able to touch him no matter how much she tried to hurt him.  She was fast, her reflexes were spot on and her instincts were very good, but that wasn’t enough to fight someone like Kimball.  I knew that she was close, we needed to push her, make her lose control, she needed to scream her frustration.  It was Kimball’s idea, and it was working.  We had been training like that for over a week, and each day I was more convinced that her voice was a great, dangerous weapon.

Finally, she lost her cool and screamed.  I felt the change in the air, the vibrations of her voice traveling through the air, I saw the ground around Kimball’s feet changing.  He lost his focus for a moment, and Alkaia’s daughter took advantage of that, she closed the distance between them and tried to punch him, but Kimball caught her fist before it connected and twisting her arm he forced her to the ground.

“Not bad, but you need to increase the power of your scream or focus the sonic waves into a single target, or maybe both, that’s the only way you would be able to take someone like me.” Kimball let her go and took a couple of steps back to give her space.

“Shut up! I don’t listen to slaves.” At least her voice was stronger, even from my place in the stands I was able to hear her, that was a mayor improvement.

“One thing you have to learn, my dear apprentice, is that the rules are created by the strong ones, and right now, he is the one that can lay the rules.  You need to be better, but you need to be smarter too.  I need you to understand that you will be facing people stronger than you, no one is invincible.  You need to learn some humility, you need to learn to recognize your limitations.  He is better than you and the best thing you can do is to learn from him,” I said as I walked to where they were.

“But he’s nothing but a slave!” She insisted.

“He is a person, just like you, just like me.  It was just bad luck that he ended up as a slave.”  I saw Kimball smiling, I knew that it wasn’t chance what had him there, and even if it was, he would call it good luck.  “You and I are not safe from the same destiny.  What do you think would happen if you are captured by the Militaries?  Do you think they would treat you like an honored guest?  Or would they enslave you and use you as they pleased?  Remember what happened to your cousin, your lineage won’t save you from them, what will help is for you to be strong, smart, to see beyond genders and learn to see the person before you.”

“But…” she was confused, my words went against everything she knew, but she couldn’t deny that Kimball was a better fighter than her.  She shut up and started thinking about my words.  “So what do I have to do?”

“You need to lose your fear, take advantage of the location and that no one but us is here to explore your limits.  You need to scream with all your strength.” Kimball advised.

Alkaia’s daughter stayed silent, it was against all her beliefs to listen to a slave, but finally she looked away from us and screamed.  I saw the earth moving, the sand and small stones were dancing with the vibrations from her voice, but it wasn’t her most impressive scream.

“That’s not enough, I know you can do better.” Kimball said.

“And how do you know that?” She asked, angry at him.

Kimball moved and faced a table near the wall, it had some of the targets we used for practice, and he screamed, the objects on the table started to move, some of them fell to the floor.

“I don’t have the same power you have, just a fragment of it, so if I’m capable of that, you are capable of so much more.” I was surprised, I didn’t know he was capable of that.  Alkaia’s daughter was impressed by the display.

“I think that’s enough for today.  Think about Kimball’s words and what he did.  Tomorrow instead of having our training here, we are going outside the city so you can scream without worries, so be prepare to give it your best.”

“As you wish mistress.” She bowed to me and then left.

“At least she is speaking now.” Kimball said.

“Yeah, that’s a great improvement.”

“She is a good girl, she will be a good warrior.”

“A warrior that can’t even touch you.”

“I was practicing martial arts before she was even born,” Kimball turned to me and smiled, “before you were even born.  I have years of experience on my side.  But once she learns to control her power she will be much more dangerous.”

Kimball and I went back to our house, as part of our routine, I sat on the table while he prepared our dinner.  It was wonderful as always, and we stayed there just talking for a long time.  He walked me to my room and then stayed at the door.  The nightmares had stopped, in part because of his company, in part because I was feeling better and the feeling of vulnerability was gone, but still I wanted Kimball with me, sleeping next to him was nice.  He never took for granted his place in my bed.

I invited him in and we spent another night together, I woke up and found that again I had moved during the night and I was hugging Kimball.  I woke up to the beating of his heart, my head was resting on his chest, one of my arms and my leg thrown over him.  I didn’t want to move, I was enjoying being there, and then I heard his heart rate increasing.

“At this rate, I will wake up to find you over me,” Kimball joked.

“I’m sorry.”  I tried to move, but Kimball put his arms around me and kept me from moving.

“I’m not, I like waking up like this.” He took a deep breath.  “I can’t imagine anything better than this.” I felt him kissing the top of my head, then he relaxed his arms, not letting me go, but enough so I could get up if I wanted.

“I wish I wasn’t afraid, I wish I could give you everything.  And sometimes I want to be with you, but I’m not sure if I can, I’m afraid we will start something and then I would change my mind when it’s too late.”

“What do you mean by too late?” He moved so he could see me face to face, I knew he was trying to read me.  “Whatever you want or don’t want to do, it’s your decision, we can stop at any time.”

“You have been so good to me, you had many opportunities but you had never taken advantage of me, I want to believe in you, I really want to be with you, to let go my fears and insecurities.  I want to try.”

“Are you sure you really want it?  Is not something you think you have to do?” He asked.

“I’m sure.”  I sat on the bed and took my clothes off, I used my mind to help speed the process.  Kimball didn’t take his eyes off of me as I stripped.  Once naked I went back to lie beside him.

Kimball smiled at me, he kissed me on the lips.  I expected hunger, intensity, but his kiss was soft, tender, caring.

One of his hands went to my hip and he started to caress me, his mouth moved to my neck and placed soft kisses while his hand started exploring my body with soft touches.  His mouth found one of my breasts as his hand found the other.  I tensed, I knew how sensitive they were and how much they could hurt.

“Relax, I won’t hurt you.”  I believed his words, but the memories made it hard for me to relax, even Vasuman sometimes lose control and hurt me on occasions.

Kimball waited without moving until he felt me relax, then he started fondling one side while his mouth close around the other.  I waited for the pain, but he was so gentle that all I felt was delicious and pleasant sensations. His thumb started to circle one nipple while his tongue did the same to the other.  Soon I forgot all about my fears and I was lost in the sensations, a moan escaped my lips, I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt that good.  As my body awakened to the pleasure I felt like I needed more, I put my arms around him and pulled him closer to me.  I could feel his smile against my skin as my back arched under him.

“It’s incredible how responsive you can be when treated right.”

“Don’t stop.” I pleaded, missing his mouth on me, and he obeyed.  My hands started to explore him while I kept him close to me.

His hand left my breast and I whimpered a protest, I liked what he was doing, I didn’t want him to stop, but then his hand moved between my legs.  He started to caress me there and new wonderful sensations exploded inside me, and I wanted more, I wanted him.

“What are you waiting for?” I knew he wanted to be inside me, and for the first time since I could remember I wanted the same.  “Take me now.”

“Calm down,” he said as he pushed a finger inside me, “there’s no rush, just enjoy.”  I forgot everything but his mouth on me, and his finger pushing in and out.

His mouth moved back to mine and he started to kiss me, this time it was intense.  I was consumed by him, I wasn’t sure what was going on, everything was too much, I wanted him to stop, but at the same time to keep going.  Something started to build up inside me until it exploded as waves of pleasure coursing through my body.  I felt tired, but more relaxed than I remembered, I felt so good.  I looked at Kimball and saw a smile of satisfaction on his face.

“I didn’t remember that it could be like this.”

“I’m happy I could help you remember.”  His happiness made me smile.  He kissed me again, and soon his hands started to wander over my body again, I felt my body responding again, but when his hand found his way between my legs again I had to stop him.

“No, I want you this time.” Kimball looked at my eyes and then moved until he was on his back, then he grabbed me by my waist and moved me until I was straddling him.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes!” I said, I needed him, I didn’t care about pain or memories, I wanted to be one with him.

I took his member and guided him inside me, Kimball moved me slowly down, giving me time to get used to him, my body opened to him until he was completely inside me.

It felt so good to have him inside me, it was as if Kimball and I were made for each other, I felt whole with him.  It took me a moment to realize that the pain I was expecting was missing, then I noticed that he wasn’t moving, he was giving me control over what was happening, yet again he was giving, not taking.

I started moving, surprised by the sensations coursing through my body, enjoying the friction between our bodies.  I started slow, but soon I increased the speed, chasing the feeling I had just a moment before.  I was lost again, nothing else mattered but he and I and what we had together.

I was almost there, I felt like I was about to explode.  Kimball moved and pulled me closer to him, that was all I needed to go overboard, I cried out my pleasure and felt Kimball do the same.  We collapsed to the bed, I was over him, my head on his chest, I could hear his speeding heart beating and I knew mine was the same.

I rolled to my side of the bed, I was trembling, but not in pain or fear like other times, I was consumed by pleasure, wave after wave coursed my body while I lay there feeling like I was in a dream.  Never in all my time with Vasuman I had felt something so incredible.  I closed my eyes, I wanted to enjoy every second of it.

“Are you ok?” Kimball asked.  I tried to answer him, but all I could manage was a moan.  He chuckled.  “I’ll take that as a yes.  It was wonderful,” he said as he kissed my shoulder, “it was even better than I expected.”  I opened my eyes and stared at him, I couldn’t believe him.  “What’s wrong?”  He reminded me that he could read me as well as any telepath.

“It couldn’t have been as good for you as it was for me.” I said, not even capable of filtering my words.

“Why you think that?” Kimball stared at me, looking for the answer I wouldn’t give him.

I thought about past experiences, with Agmong and the others their pleasure depended on my suffering.  With Vasuman wasn’t like that, he had never mistreated me, but it was always about him and his needs.  What had just happened had been all about me, and now that I was coming back to earth I could see how selfish I had been.

“You gave me more than I gave you.”

“I felt a connection to you since the first time I met you,” he said, “for me the only thing that matters is that you are alright.”  He started to draw circles around my navel and my body responded by arching closer to him.  “Your happiness is my happiness, your pleasure my pleasure.  There’s nothing better for me than knowing you are feeling fine and I’m the one causing it.”  I loved his hands on my body.  “I wished you could feel what you make me feel.”  His words were meant to be just a random comment, but it got me thinking.

I usually avoided using my empathy at moments like that, I never knew what I would find.  With Vasuman sometimes it was a good thing, but more often than not, all I could feel from him was his need to control me, to posses me, and I preferred to believe in his words and get caught in the feeling that I was important to him, to remember the times that his feelings about me were pure.  But Kimball’s feelings had never let me down, maybe it was a risk worth taking, maybe I would like knowing what he felt for me.

I opened my senses and I was surprised by the intensity of his feelings.  He was just as happy and excited as I was, maybe even more, for a moment the feedback of his feelings and mine was too much.  I pulled him to me and started to kiss him, he answered with the same intensity.  I put my arms around him and pulled him to me, I wanted to feel every part of his body against mine.  I felt him getting hard and I wanted to have him again. But there was more to his feelings, there was passion, happiness, excitement and something even stronger that shaped everything else he felt about me.  It was a feeling I had encountered just a few times before, but never with that much intensity.  It was a feeling that made me feel protected, content, safe, happy, warm…

Kimball had told me many times how much he cared for me, he had shown me how important I was to him, but I had never really believed him, I kept thinking he just wanted me, but it was true, he… he loved me.  I don’t know what surprised me more, to finally acknowledge his love for me, or finding that I felt the same about him.


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