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Chapter 22

“They are not for sale.” Our guide said, he had approached me while I was looking.  “Those are our breeding slaves, we sell their products, not them.

I turned to see the man in the platform, he was having sex with the slave, trying to get her pregnant so he could sell her baby.  I shivered at the thought and my hands went to my belly.  I saw Lamia trying to escape, but it was pointless, there was no way she could break free from the wood holding her down.

“Why is only one of them gagged?” I asked.

“That one is a biter,” someone else said, a man even more disgusting than the first one, he was out of form, fat with a soft belly, so different from most people I knew who were fit and strong.  “Any guest or Slavers is free to use them, and some were unlucky enough to get close to her and get bitten, keeping her gagged help avoid accidents.”

“We have tried to tame her, but she is strong willed, she used to be a colonel of the Empire, that’s why we keep her,” the first men explained.  “She was pregnant when they gave her to us, she had a healthy little girl, that’s why we considered keeping her as a breeding slave, but since then she has had many miscarriages, if she keeps like that we will have to find her another role.”

“We are proud of the work we do, our slaves are top quality, the best in every area they are trained, that woman cannot be trained.  That’s why I prefer to start training while they’re still children, that way you can start from a clean slate, otherwise you have to destroy the person before you can start building what you want.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m one of the sex slave’s trainers, I’m known as the Trainer, or Master.  Did you saw something you liked?” I realized he wasn’t talking to me, Aury and Brion had joined us.

“You have an incredible selection, as always, but we would like to test a few before deciding.” Aury said.

“Of course, I guess you will be staying for the night, right?  I hope you can accept our hospitality, we’ll give you our best room and I’ll send some of my best slaves to keep you entertained.”

“I think that by tomorrow we will know the value of the slaves you brought and will be able to negotiate an exchange or payment.”

We started moving again, they were taking us to the rooms that had been assigned to us.  While we were walking next to the platform I let my mind wander to Lamia.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked her telepathically, my steps started to get slower, I needed to talk to her, stay behind.

‘I’m here because of you! Kozlak and your brother decided I was a risk, that I could escape and try something again if I stayed on the Empire.  They said that if I liked to sleep with the enemy so much I could keep doing that for the rest of my life, then they gave me to this savages!’ Lamia was trying to break free, she wanted to attack me, she was trying to speak, but with the gag all she could manage were unintelligible sounds.

‘Don’t blame me for your actions, I didn’t force you to betray me and your Clan, it wasn’t me the one who forgot years of friendship and family ties for a man that was only using you!’  Aury and Brion noticed I was getting behind and stopped, waiting for me to caught up to them.

‘Pedres knew what was best for us.  I deserved to be the Empress, you didn’t even want it! You just let your own selfishness take our chances, you took something that didn’t belong to you.  Without you I could have been the Empress, I deserved to be!’

‘Don’t you feel even a little bit of remorse?  I considered you a friend, I would have done anything for you, and how did you pay me?  You betrayed me!  I wasn’t being selfish, I was being selfless.  I didn’t want to be the Empress, but I was willing to take the job for the wellbeing of my people, of my Clan.’

The man in the platform was done with the slave and was approaching our group.  Another woman was now talking to the others, for what I could hear she was the one in charge of deciding the value of the slaves the Corsairs had brought.

‘I was just trying to get back what should have been mine, you didn’t deserve the title.  I should be the Empress!’ Lamia’s thoughts were getting out of control, there was craziness in the way she was thinking.

“I heard the Corsairs had brought a few new slaves for us, and I have to say, I like what I see.” The man from the platform was leering at me, his steps taking him closer to me.

“I warn you, don’t touch me or you will regret it.” He didn’t hear my warning, he kept walking to me.

“Calm down,” he said, and I felt more calm.  “Why don’t you come with me? Follow me.”

I started moving before I could see what was happening, but thanks to my double mind I could see what was happening, he was controlling me.  The Corsairs and the rest of the Slavers weren’t paying attention to me.  I thought about calling for help, but then I thought that maybe they had betrayed me as well.  I couldn’t let the man get me, so using my powers I lifted five stakes from the floor, surrounding the man and keeping him detained.

“I don’t know what you think you’re playing, but I’m not here for your amusement.” The others had seen what I had done, Brion was the first to react and came to my side.

“What the hell is going on here?  She is our guest!” I could feel his anger and it was genuine, they hadn’t betrayed me after all.

“I forgot about his  fetish with pregnant women, but still, I never thought he would go and attack a guest,” Aury said.

“Now you are protecting our enemies?  She is an Imperialist, or an Assassin.” The man said from his rock prison.

“No, she is an Amazon, her name is Pitonisa and she is one of Alkaia’s advisors, so I warn you to stay away from her.”

“I’m sorry Pitonisa, this was just a misunderstanding,” the man who had greeted us said.

“She is an Imperialist! Look, even the slave recognize her,” he pointed to Lamia who was still looking at me with hate.

“Friend of yours?” Brion asked.

“I know who she is, but she is not my friend,” once upon a time, but not anymore, “you could even say that we were enemies, he almost ruined my plans when she decided to attack the Empress.”

“Is she the one responsible for the Empress disappearance?” The Slaver woman asked.

“No, she tried to kill her, but is not because of her that she went missing, if you want to blame someone for that, then blame me.” I noticed surprise and maybe some skepticism.  “At least I was smart enough to know when to leave, she failed and ended a slave, I didn’t and ended Alkaia’s advisor.”

“Would you please let my brother go?” Master said.

“Of course, just keep him away from me.” After he nodded his agreement I let the man go.

“I’m really sorry about this misunderstanding,” the man who appeared to be in charge repeated, “please, feel free to use our slaves as you wish while you are here, and anything we can do for you, just ask.”

“All I want right now is to rest.”

“Of course, I will show you your room.”

I realized that I was in a difficult situation, even if Aury and Brion had my back, everything could go to hell in a minute if they found out who I really was.  Lamia would be happy to give them the information if allowed.  I could hear her thoughts and revenge was all there was, she was blaming me for everything, I saw no regret, just anger.

I was taken to a pretty nice room and I got to bed, tired and with my head full of grief for the friend I had lost in such an ugly way.

After a few minutes a couple of slaves arrived.  I didn’t want them, the last thing I needed was to deal with sex slaves, but I knew that they would be punished if they thought they haven’t please me, so I went for something harmless and asked for a massage, my back was killing me and I needed to relax.

A few hours later Aury and Brion went for me, they asked me to go with them for dinner.  The dining room was full, there were at least two slaves for every Slaver or guest.  I took my place in the table, next to Aury and Brion.  Once seated the man that had attacked me took the chair on my other side.

“Use your powers on me again and I will end you.” I warned.

“Relax, Chief already told me that.  But tell me, did you really kill the Empress?”

“I never said I killed her, I just said that I was responsible for her disapearence.” I had a bad feeling, I knew something bad was going to happen.

The slaves started to bring the food and I did my best to appear relaxed and interested in the conversation, truth was I was repulsed, I wanted to be out of there, but first I needed to take care of Lamia, it was just a matter of time before she took her first opportunity to betray me again.

The bad feeling was another problem, but I was able to identify the problem when Breeder, the guy next to me, let some thoughts slip.  They believed I was a terrakinetic, and they didn’t bother to try and mask their thoughts, that allowed me to see many of their secrets, but most important, it allowed me to see Breeder’s plan.  He was going to drug me with something that would make me even more susceptible to his powers.

When the dessert arrived I used my powers to switch it while no one was looking.  I was surprised by how fast the drug acted, in just a few minutes his eyes were glazed and his mind was open.  Entering his mind and placing a command was very easy, there was no defense in there.

Once dinner was finished everyone went back to their rooms.  The slaves assigned to me followed me when I exited the dining room, Aury and Brion had two couples of slaves ready to service them.  I arrived to my room and convinced the slaves to leave me alone.  I entered the astral planes and went looking for Lamia.  The barriers between planes were thin in that place, shadows from the inferior planes were invading the first lower plane and some were even entering the material plane.  It was dangerous to walk between the shadows, but I kept going and found the place where Lamia was.  She wasn’t on the platform anymore, now she was tied up on a bed, someone was already using her when Breeder arrived, he waited his turn and took Lamia as soon as the other one left her.

It was hard to believe that the woman that had used sex as a weapon for so long was now being hurt with it.  It was sad to see, for so long Lamia had used her sexuality as a bargain chip, it was something precious that she used to establish her position in the Clan.  Now she knew how I had felt those years under Agmong’s command, but I wasn’t as happy by that, I was somehow feeling vindicated that she now knew what I had to go through, but that wasn’t enough for her to understand me, she still didn’t get my need for control or my motivation to become the most powerful in our Clan.  She was caught in her own selfishness, she couldn’t see how much she had hurt me, how it would have destroyed me if she and Pedres had succeeded in her plan.

By the time the Slaver left her, she was already dead, from my place in the astral plane I could see her spirit leaving her body and being dragged down by the shadows.  The negative energy around her was like food for the evil spirits from the lower planes.

I didn’t feel better after Lamia’s death, it didn’t change the past, but I did feel better knowing she wouldn’t have to continue paying for her mistakes, I was sure that the years she had spent with the Slavers had been bad enough.

During breakfast Chief told us that the other trainers would not be joining us, he informed us that there had been a problem with Breeder, he had broken a rule, and was being punished for that.  I knew that he wasn’t supposed to kill one of his slaves for no reason; he would have to pay for Lamia’s death.  Once he left me alone with the Corsairs I told them how dumb the Slavers were, Lamia’s child was also Pedres’ child, heir to the Clan Toreador, and they didn’t even know how valuable she really was.

The Corsairs were smart, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw a little girl among the slaves they had acquired.  I felt better knowing that Lamia’s daughter wouldn’t be paying for her mother’s crimes.  I knew her life wouldn’t be easy with the Corsairs, but they wouldn’t abuse her like the Slavers, they knew her true value and would wait for the right moment to cash on it.


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