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Bonus Ch 28

Tango was watching his men, although the group under his command was large, the men with him were few, as his father had instructed that the attack needed to be done with just a handful of men, the rest were in a safe location a few miles from the mine they were going to attack that night.  Tango had handpicked every man with him, they were the best of the best, he had no doubt they were going to succeed.  The mine was not that important, but it had a lot of slaves, and his main goal was to free them, first they were going after the ones resting, and then they would get the ones working in the mine out.  The second goal was to blow up the mine, with the Amazons inside.

Everything was going according to plan, as all his previous missions had.  With the Amazons spread out trying to protect all of their resources, places like this were left vulnerable, ready for the Militaries to destroy.  A few of his men had already reached the place where the slaves were locked up and were opening the doors.  In a few minutes a steady stream of men started to get out, men of all ages and conditions, but Tango noticed that they weren’t as many as he expected.

The rest of his men started to move to the mine, he moved with them.  They were able to take the Amazons by surprise, the attack was over in a few minutes and the Amazons were under their control.  For a moment Tango thought about going against his father orders and take a few of them to entertain his men, but his father’s orders were clear, they had to die in the mine, buried alive.   Tango was glad to see that at least that group of Amazons knew who was in charge, they didn’t resist when they asked them to put down their arms and they walked inside the mine on their own, he was sure they weren’t smart enough to realize they were going to their death.

“It was too easy.” His second in command said.

“What were you expecting?  It’s obvious we are far superior, there’s no way they can stop us.”  Tango was too proud of his victory to let anyone spoil it.

“I just have a bad feeling,” he insisted.

“Just stop.  Prepare the explosives and make sure they won’t be able to get out.  I can imagine the faces of horror that the reinforcements will find when they dig their bodies up.”

His group moved fast, in a few minutes the explosives were in place, the timers set, and all they had to do was sit back and wait for them to detonate.    They had accomplished so much in just a little more than an hour, it had to be a new record.  He couldn’t wait to go back and brag to his brothers about his victory.  The was sure no one had scored such a fast, clean victory.  His father had to be proud of him.

He was thinking about his father and his brothers and how envious they will be when he heard the first explosion.  He knew something was wrong right away, the noise was too loud, he was hit by the expansion wave at the same time the ground under him started to sink.  He and his men fell and most of them lost consciousness, the ones who could resist were too disoriented to do anything.

“Is he the target?” He thought he heard a delicate and feminine voice, but that wasn’t possible.

“Seems like it, the insignia on his chest looks just as Pitonisa described.”

Tango felt someone grabbing him roughly by the arm, someone else did the same to the other, and then he was being dragged away.  At first he thought that maybe his men were moving him to somewhere safe, but when his mind cleared he noticed that the uniforms they were wearing were not from his Clan.

“Who are you?” He managed to ask. He was starting to feel worried about his situation.

They stopped and one of the persons dragging him, took her mask off and knelt next to him. “I’m your worst nightmare,” she said with a creepy smile.  Before Tango could process what was happening the other warrior hit him in the head knocking him down.


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