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Chapter 33

It was good to be back, I have started to think of the house in the Amazon’s territory as my home, and being there was good.  After a good night’s sleep I felt refreshed.  I opened my eyes and saw that Kimball was already awake.  He hadn’t moved, mostly because I had my arm and leg over him, I always ended up doing that, but he never complained.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Not long, a few minutes.  I heard our guest moving in the next room, I think he already managed to get rid of the chains, he is close to picking the lock open.”

“And how do you know?” I used my own powers to confirm his words, and sure enough, our guest was moving around the room that Kimball used when he first arrived.

“I heard him, how he moves, how he stays still.”

“Then I think is time for us to get out of bed.”

“Seems like it.”  Kimball and got up, he immediately put his clothes on and went to the window.

I went to the bathroom, I kept using my powers to keep an eye on Spike while I took a quick shower.  I was curious to see what he was planning.  As soon as he heard the water, he opened his door, surely he thought Kimball was with me and that the shower would mask any noise he could make.  I got out and dressed, when I went downstairs I could hear him trying to open the kitchen door, I knew he had already tried the main door, but Kimball had installed a magnetic lock that was too much for him.

I heard a metallic noise and I felt the emotional wave pouring out of him, happiness, victory, hope…  I almost felt bad for him, but I couldn’t let that affect him, he needed to stay.

“I’m glad you’re awake, I need you to help me with breakfast.” As soon as he saw and heard Kimball his feelings changed, frustration was the main feeling, but there was sadness and a sense of hopelessness.

“Why are you doing this?” Spike asked.  “You are a man, you should be helping ME, not obeying a woman.

“I do whatever I want, and right now what I want is to help Kai in any way I can.  She is not that bad, you know?”

“What do you mean not that bad?  She is! Who the hell does she think she is to keep me locked in here? Who gave her the right to decide over my life?”

“I guess my right come from the same place that your people obtained the right to enslave and abuse women.”

“It’s not the same, women are weak and dumb, they need to be controlled, all slaves are made to follow orders.”

“Well, now you are my slave, so I think you should learn to obey.”

“It’s not the same! I am a man! I’m Ace’s heir, I’m strong and my life is worth more than any women’s.”

“You are not as strong as I am, you are not stronger than the Amazons, Alkaia and her generals could kill you easily, even Molpadia, your sister could defeat you easily, and your father thought he could enslave them?  We have proved we are stronger, I think that gives us the right to make slaves out of the Militaries.”

“But you are just women.”

“And any Amazon would say that you are just a boy, a brainless, brutish boy that needs to be taught some lessons in obedience.”

“Don’t waste your time arguing about this,” Kimball interrupted, “first think about it.  You were on the other side just a few weeks ago, now think how it feels to be on the other end.  Think how you treated your slaves, would you like to be treated the same?  Think about your brothers, your father.  Do you still think is right to treat a human being the way they treated their slaves?  It could have been you.”

“Why are you on her side?  You are her slave, you should hate her, not help her.”

“First of all, I’m not her slave, I’m her partner.  I’m here because I want to be here, I like being here.  You should be grateful that you ended up with her and not with another Amazon.”

“Grateful?  Do you want me to thank her for keeping me here?”

“Could be worse.  Just think about those poor Amazons your brother liked to kidnap, beat, abuse, rape, sometimes even kill.” I said.  I could see his thoughts, even if Spike had grown with them, he didn’t share the same sadistic vein his brothers and father had, he didn’t enjoy the things they did to their slaves, but he had witnessed their acts many times.

“You don’t see it right now, but some day you will be glad that Kai decided to keep you, and that is with her that you are staying.”

“Even if you don’t believe me, I’m just trying to help you.” I said.  He looked at me, with have, mistrust, and intelligence.  He was smart, and patient, he took his time to plan his movements, and I knew that if I was smart too I could easily control him.  “Just try to cooperate, do what I say, let me help you.  If you keep making my job hard I could get tired, and then I would have to give you to someone else, someone who could be not as nice as I am.”

“You can’t tell me to just change everything I believe and follow a woman’s orders, it’s not easy for me.”  He surprised me again, he wasn’t complaining, he was actually making a very valid point, it wasn’t easy to change a lifetime of conditioning.  I was asking him to change who he was.

“It’s something you can, and have to do, a person can do a lot of things in order to survive, you would be surprised the lengths your mind would be willing to adapt for survival.”

“It would help if you stop thinking in terms of male and female, think about people.  She is a person, a strong one, and strong people get to make the rules.  She makes the rules, you follow them.  Right now lets start by making breakfast, just the way she likes it.”

Spike stared at Kimball as if he had lost his mind, then he looked behind him, to the outside,  to his freedom, then he turned around and moved to the center of the kitchen.  It was easier for him to listen to Kimball, he was a man, a strong man and a figure of authority he could accept.

The rest of the morning Spike remained quiet, he was still plotting, I knew I wouldn’t change his mind, he wanted to escape.  I listened to his thoughts, he took note of every single detail, searching for whatever could help him reach his goal.

Just before lunch time Molpaida arrived.  I haven’t seen much of her the last days, since I took Spike under my custody, Alkaia had maintained her distance, and since she kept Molpadia by her side, I had very little opportunity to see her.

“Greetings Pitonisa.” She said from the door, ignoring Spike, who had opened the door after I disabled the lock with my mind.

“Greetings.  What brings you to my humble house?”

“I wanted to ask, when are we going to start training.  My cousins and I want to resume training as soon as possible.”

“And why are they not here?  Why did they send you alone?” Kimball asked from the next room.

“We didn’t want to intrude, we thought it would be easier if it was just one of us.”

“So, you didn’t want your mothers to find out you were coming here, and a single person was easier to go unnoticed.”

“We are supposed to be grieving our aunt Polemusa’s death, and all the other Amazons who died in battle.” I had to struggle not to smile at the reminder of Polemusa’s death.  I always enjoyed being able to get rid of someone without having to get my hands dirty.  “But we think that the best thing we can do to honor those we lost is to train to be better, so we can make them proud.”

“I think you are right about that, there’s no use in tears or sadness, but in getting stronger you get the satisfaction of knowing that, next time, you will be able to help more and maybe even save some lives.  On the other hand, I don’t want problems with your mother.”

“There won’t be any problems, they haven’t said anything to forbid us from training, they just haven’t allowed us to return either, they just change the subject every time we ask about it.”

“They haven’t forbidden it with words, but they have implied it.  They could get mad for this.”

“Don’t worry about it, we won’t let them blame you, we’ll tell you didn’t know.”

“My dear, is not me, I’m worried about, you should know I’m more than capable of facing your mothers.  I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“We are not little kids, we have our names, and our mothers can’t control our every move anymore.  As long as we don’t get a direct order from a superior, we can and will continue our training.” She was getting worked up with her speech.  “If you agree, of course.” She added a little more mellow.

“Of course I agree, I don’t have any problems with training you.  How soon do you want to start with the training?”

“As soon as possible.  Today, if you can.”

“I can.  I’ll wait for you in our usual place an hour before sunset.”

“Thanks Pitonisa.”  Molpadia bowed and then left the place, eager, no doubt, to let her cousins know that I had agreed.

“So, what’s the plan?” Kimball asked once she was gone.

“I think today we will only discuss their experiences in battle.  Most of them went to the war, but few of them actually got the opportunity to fight.  I know some will be disappointed about that.”

“At least Euryleia got what she wanted.  I heard she got the opportunity to kill a few Militaries.” Kimball said.

“Yes, she needed that.”  Spike wasn’t paying much attention to us, as soon as he heard we were leaving the house for a while he started planning another escape, he haven’t even considered the option of me asking to go with us.

A few hours later, Spike had to suffer another disappointment when we asked him to join us, his new plan to escape was once again frustrated.  On the other hand it was his first real opportunity to watch the Amazons in their home.  He was trying to absorb everything he saw, the warriors patrolling the place, the civilians doing their daily tasks, but mostly he watched the slaves working in their different activities.  Some of them were moving freely, some were chained and were under surveillance.  His mind was busy taking everything into account and changing his many escape plans as he got new information.  Then he saw a group of kids, they were being watched just by one nanny and when I saw his ideas I knew I had to crush one more of his hopes.

“I wouldn’t even think about that.” I warned him.

“What?” He didn’t know what I was talking about, he never thought I would be able to guess his plans.

“Don’t try to take a child as a hostage, won’t work.”

“I don’t know…” he started to lie.

“You are an intelligent kid,” Kimball said, moving behind me so he was walking next to Spike, “but you are still clinging to your stereotypes and preconceptions.  If you give yourself the opportunity to accept things may not be how your father told you, you would have already noticed that Kai can read your mind.”

“No, she can’t.  She is a telekinetic, I know she is.” Spike said.

“That’s what I’m talking about, you assume that just because she is a telekinetic, she can’t be a telepath, you haven’t realized that she is a telekinetic, a telepath and an empathy.  Haven’t you noticed how when you are starting to feel overwhelmed you suddenly get calm?  Haven’t you noticed that we know about every one of your plans?”

“I’m sorry, but there is really not a chance for you to escape, Kimball and I are always a step ahead of you, we won’t let you go.”  As he accepted what we were telling him as the truth I felt again his hopes dying.  I could almost feel his psyche breaking.

“You can’t watch me all the time, I will find a way of getting away.” His voice was strong, but I could feel he wasn’t so sure of his words.

“Maybe, maybe not, but we have the advantage here, not just because we can read you, but because we have years of experience over you.”

I felt bad for him, all his world was collapsing around him, but I knew I was doing what was best for him.  I was keeping him alive, and I wasn’t making with him the same mistake I did with Felinae, I was also keeping him safe.  By being with me I was making sure he wasn’t abused, I may have been hurting his psyche, but I was trying to help him grow so he could survive.  I was helping, I’m sure I was.


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