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Bonus Ch. 35

Kaiserin just made it to number 24 in topwebfiction, so this is not going to be a real bonus, it’s more like a teaser.

At midnight Kimball left his room and went to the Nursery, to the room where he knew his baby was.  There was just one soldier supervising the sleeping babies, and it was easy to take him out.  After just a few minutes of searching he found the crib where his baby girl was sleeping.  She was so beautiful and looked so peaceful and innocent in her sleep.  He planned only on seeing her, but being so close he couldn’t help it, he had to hold her in his arms.  The baby opened her eyes when he took her, she smiled at him and then cuddled on him, before falling asleep again.   Kimball couldn’t believe it had taken him a year to hold his daughter in his arms.  He had planned to stay a few minutes, but when the light started to change in the room, he realized that he had been there for hours, just staring at the sleeping baby.  He wanted to take her and run away, but after witnessing her interaction with Malkia, he knew he couldn’t take her away from her sister.  He put the baby back in his crib and walked away before someone could find him in there.


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