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Chapter 51

I hid in the superior planes, feeding on the light and warmth of the place, but I wasn’t safe, every time I looked down, I could see the beings of the inferior planes moving around my body, looking for a way of severing the link my mind had with my body.  The spirits were trying to take over my body as the evil spirit had done before.

I tried to focus, not to let the fear take hold over me, I knew if I did, I would fall to the inferior planes and I would drown in the darkness.  It was hard, because I knew it wasn’t healthy to stay outside my body.  I tried to go back to my body at least for a few minutes to strengthen the link between body and mind, but I kept going back to the astral planes every time I felt someone near me.  I knew that I couldn’t keep escaping like that forever, at some point I had to face reality, but not yet.  For years I had fought for my freedom, and to lose the fight to someone I trusted was just too painful to face.  To think I had left my family behind because I feared they would do what Kimball had done, to think I had chosen him because I trusted he would never hurt me.  What had gone wrong?  What had changed?  I knew Kimball wasn’t happy with me for leaving Greca in the Fortress, but he had understood my motives, haven’t he?  Had he fooled me, waiting for the moment to take revenge?  Was he waiting until I gave him another child?  I kept thinking and thinking about it, but I wasn’t sure what had happened.

I felt the link growing weaker and I knew I had to go back to my body.  As soon as I returned I noticed something was different.  I had learned to control my body and hide my reactions, so I didn’t flinch when I felt someone holding me, but it was going to be hard to keep quiet while I felt like panicking.

“Why don’t you react?” It was Kimball’s voice, he was the one holding me, and I didn’t know if it was better or worse that it was him.  “What’s wrong my love?”

My hand moved to the suppressor before I could think better about it.  I felt his surprise when I moved, he changed position so he could see my face, and I saw the happiness and relief in his face.  “You’re killing me,”  I said.  I watched the emotion on his face, surprise and then confusion, as if he couldn’t understand what I had said.  But I didn’t stay to analyze his reaction, I had to leave.

I took a step back and my astral projection stood next to my body in the material plane.  I watched as Kimball got out of the bed and started moving, ordering his men to do something.  I felt the dark energy of the inferior planes moving closer to me and I knew I couldn’t stay for long, I had to escape before the dark spirits could get to me, but as I kept watching at Kimball I knew I couldn’t leave.  When I saw Kimball taking the suppressor off I didn’t know what to think, but I knew I had to act fast before he had a chance to put it on, again.  I moved back to my body I prepared to fight for my life.

I used my mind to push Dalitso and Dakarai against the wall, with enough force to knock a normal person out, even break a few bones, but they were too strong to fall because of my attack.  I felt the connection to the IV they had put on me when they started to worry about the baby not getting enough nutrients, I took the IV out of my arm, but kept my connection to the liquid on it.  Using my mind, I gathered the liquid in front of me, my pull was so strong that I felt liquid breaking out of other bags around the room.  The liquid stood in front of me, as a shield between my captors and me.

“Take it easy Kaiserin,”  Kimball didn’t have any weapons on him, but I knew he was just as lethal with his bare hands, so I couldn’t trust him, I had to stay away from him.  “I just want to help you.”

“Then why are you trying to destroy me?”  The other two were already recovering and I knew they would try to attack me soon.  I decided to let them try, while I could use my powers I had the upper hand.  If they still thought I was the weak and pathetic prisoner they were used to, they were going to be surprised.  I moved a little so I was facing Kimball and my back was to Dakarai.

“Stop Kaiserin, there’s really no need for this.  Let’s talk about this.”

“No more talking.  I trusted you!  I believed that I would be safe with you and you betrayed me.  You are just like everyone else, you only care about yourself and how you can use me.”  I saw Kimball give a signal to the people behind me, but if he was expecting to take me by surprise, he was mistaken, with my powers I could feel them moving behind me and I knew what they were going to do.

Dakarai was the first to move, he grabbed me from behind, putting his arm around my neck in a submission hold, just like I expected.  I knew they wouldn’t risk hurting the baby, Kimball cared too much about him, so I didn’t worry about shielding my body, I used my mind to find the ribbon of energy emanating from Dakarai and took hold of it, pulling his energy into me.  Dalitso moved closer to me, holding a syringe, she grabbed my arm and prepared to shot me with whatever drug she had in the syringe, but I didn’t give her the chance, I took hold of her energy and pulled so hard that she felt it and lost her hold on the syringe, letting it fall to the floor.

On the other side Kimball was getting ready to make his move, so I used part of the liquid to stop him, condensing it in the form of a spear and freezing it, it was difficult, whatever the liquid was, it was harder to freeze than water, but I used the energy I was stealing to help me with the task.  I threw the frozen spear to Kimball, stabbing him in the chest.  Some of the liquid fell to the floor, waiting until I needed it again, but I couldn’t keep my hold any longer, I needed to move fast before one of them found a way to stop my escape.

“What’s going on?”  Dakarai had realized that I was taking his energy, his hold was weak and I could feel his body ready to collapse.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson, I want you to know what it feels to be weak and afraid, to be at the mercy of others.  Let’s see how much you enjoy being on the other side of our relationship.”

“We were helping you.”  Dalitso protested.

“No, what you did wasn’t helping, you were hurting me.  I didn’t want any of this, you forced me to do what you wanted, you were destroying my mind.”  I felt myself losing control, the fear I had been living with had turned into fury.  They had brought the nightmares back by forcing me to live them.  They had taken my freedom and control, and I had promised myself I wouldn’t let anyone do that again, I had to make them pay.

“We were just following orders…”  Dakarai managed to say before passing out.  I knew that he would recover if I stopped taking his energy, but he would be weak and useless.

I cut my connection to Dakarai and saw him fall to the floor, Dalitso followed him a few seconds later.  The energy stored in the mutant’s bodies was larger than the psychic’s, and that much energy was making me feel uneasy, I needed to get rid of it, and I knew how.

Kimball had managed to get up by the time I was done with Dalitso and Dakarai, so I prepared to face him.  I took control of the liquid again and started to fuse it with the one in the spear, the one Kimball was trying to get rid of.  With the added liquid I started to grow it from inside Kimball’s body, growing new branches, like a tree growing bigger.  The new branches got through his organs and nerves, holding him in place.  Kimball tried to resist, but as the tree grew it held him in the air, robbing him of any support he could use to break free.  In just a few minutes the spear had shifted into a frozen tree, a tree of pain, my most vicious creation, the one I only used on the people I hated the most.  I remembered the horror my tree of pain had caused at the Palace after I had used it on Rimsin.  How long would it take for the Mzansiers to stop talking about it with fear?

Kimball started screaming in pain, but I didn’t feel better.  I knew his death would be slow and painful, and I felt a second of indecision, and even thought of reverting it, but his betrayal was too fresh and I didn’t change my mind.  He was supposed to protect me, he was supposed to be my rock, my shield, instead he had taken part of me and left me weak and defenseless, in the hands of people I didn’t even know.  Just thinking about it made me panic, but before the panic attack could take over me, I saw the scene in front of me: Kimball trapped in the tree of pain, with ice running through his organs, screaming in pain, and the other two unconscious, and who would be weak and defenseless even after waking up, who would have to wait days before recovering from my attack.  I felt in control, I felt safe, none of them would be able to stop me, or hurt me again.  I left the room, and I knew I wouldn’t be going back in there, I had to get away from them.

While I was walking through the hall I saw the young warrior that delivered my meals.  He was surprised when he saw me, and I knew he was going to do something to stop me, before he could even try I grabbed him with my mind and pushed him against the wall a couple of times until he stopped moving.

I didn’t even know where I was, I knew Kimball’s family had a lot of houses through the country and I could be in any of those.  I haven’t done much exploring during my astral journeys, just enough to know that I haven’t been there before.  I found my way outside the house and I saw a airstrip and hangar to the side, one of Kimball’s jets was there and some of his men were working on it.  I guessed it was the one he had used to get there and that they were doing maintenance in preparation for his departure.

I walked to them, I opened my senses, because, even if I couldn’t read their mind, I could feel his intentions and that would help me know if they were a danger to me or not.

“Hello,” one of them said when he saw me.  I recognized him, he was the chief of engineers and one of Kimball’s most trusted pilots.  “I’m glad you’re feeling better, we were worried about you, especially the boss, we never thought the enemy would attack the base.  I’m glad you knew the attack was coming and you warned our people, and I’m especially glad that you weren’t hurt too bad.”

“I was just doing my part.”  I could feel his words were sincere, and I also knew that Kimball hadn’t told them what he had done, they had no clue of his actions.  “Is the jet ready?  I’m tired of being here, I want to go back to where the action is.”

“Is that a good idea?” He asked, his eyes going to my belly bump.  I was just in the middle of my pregnancy, but I was showing more than with my previous pregnancies.

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to the Island for a while, if I can’t be in the middle of battle, at least I will help train those who are.”

“That sounds good.  The jet will be ready in a few minutes, we can get out as soon as the boss is ready, and since the Island is one of the pre-programed destinies it won’t be difficult getting there, even if it’s not one of my usual routes.”

“That’s good to know.  Why don’t you and your men go and grab something to eat?  You need to be prepared and it’s going to be a long trip.”

“Thanks.” I was confused by his warm feelings and sincere good wishes, but I was at least happy to know they had no idea of Kimball’s actions.  He and his men finished his work and walked to the house, I walked with them part of the way, but walked slow until they were inside the house, then I turned around and went back to the jet.

Since we didn’t have that kind of transportation in the Empire, I didn’t trust them at first, because of that Kimball had taught me how they worked and how to use them, so I would feel comfortable flying in them.  I didn’t know much, but I knew enough.  Before they found what I had done and tried to stop me, I got in the jet and got it started, a couple of minutes later I was in the air.  I found the Island in the pre-programed destinations and let the auto pilot work.  From the Island it would be easier to find a way to get to the Empire and then to Melchizedek.  I knew I could stay with him until I decided what to do.

After several hours I finally arrived to the Island.  I was very tired and wasn’t sure how the locals would greet me, I didn’t know if they knew of what I’ve done.  It wasn’t a smooth landing, but at least I didn’t crash.  I saw people gathering around the jet and I prepared to lie to them if I needed, but I wasn’t expecting the person who greeted me.

“Kaiserin, dear, how are you?”  Victoria, Kimball’s mother, was the first to approach me.  “What happened at the Villa?  We have been so worried about you.”


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