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Chapter 62

I got out of the jet and started walking to the outside of the base, the crew that had flown me there were surprised that after my insistence of going to meet Kimball I was walking outside, but I had my reasons and I didn’t need to give them any explanations.  It took me almost an hour to reach the place where I knew the Republican troops were waiting.

“Stop!  Don’t move.”  A soldier approached me with a rifle pointing at me, I knew they were going to be suspicious of any people walking to their hideout and I was glad they had opted for approaching instead of just shooting at me, maybe they were trying to minimize to avoid attracting attention.

Two other soldiers got out of their hiding places, and I felt someone trying to enter my mind.  I didn’t fight him, I let him enter my mind and see that I was looking for them.

“She knew we were here, but she didn’t say anything to anyone,” one of the men informed the others what he had found out in my head.

“That was a big mistake,” one of them said, he grabbed my chin and moved my head so he could see me eye to eye.  “What were you thinking coming here alone?”

“I wanted to give you a choice, if you go now and forget your orders I will let you live,” my words were received with laughter, they didn’t believe that I could face an armed group, but my powers were already working in disabling their weapons.

“Are you sure no one knows she is here?” The man holding me asked the one who had invaded my mind.

“Maybe they know she is here, but they don’t know why she is here.  We need to move to a safer place, from there I can take a better look at her mind and find more information.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” someone else said.  “Look at her eyes, she isn’t normal, she is Mzansi’s demoness.”

“That’s just stories, no one can defeat a whole squad without backup.”

“Are you sure about that?” I asked the man holding me at the same time that I used my powers to find his energy and started draining him.  At first he didn’t understand what I was doing, but when he realized what I was doing and tried to let me go, it was too late.

“Help me! Shoot her!” He was screaming, trying to get free, but the weapons didn’t work and nobody could shoot me.

The rest of his men got out of their hiding places.  One of the soldiers ran to us and tried to help his leader, but as soon as he touched me I started to drain him too.  Using the energy from the first man and feeding from the second, I used my powers to trap the others.  Some of them had already realized something was going on and tried to run, but most of them were too startled to act and were easy prey.  Using my powers I opened the floor under them and buried them, some just the legs, others most of the body, leaving just their heads over ground.

I felt the mental attacks, but after fighting the telepaths from my Clan, those attacks were nothing but pathetic attempts that had no effect over me.  A few tried other methods to stop me, one used fire, and another a sonic attack, very similar to what Molpadia could do, but with the help of the extra energy I was stealing it was easy to stop the attacks and reinforce the prisons to stop them from attacking me.  Once I had drained every drop of energy out of the two men I moved to the others.

For me it had never been easy to control how much energy to steal, the first times outside forces had severed the connections, and after that I had required a great effort to stop the process.  I hadn’t even tried to stop with the first two, draining them until they were empty, dead, but with the others I took the opportunity to test my control, taking only enough to make them lose consciousness for a few hours or a couple of days.  It wasn’t easy, because everyone had different energy reserves, I had to learn how to read them and their limits, but it was a great training exercise.

Feeling much better, enjoying the power that the stolen energy gave me, I dug out the soldiers and walked back to the base, using my mind to drag the soldiers with behind me.  It took me less time to walk back, even with the added cargo, the energy flowing inside of me made it easier.  When I arrived back at the base I found a large group waiting for me, I knew that news of my arrival and departure had already spread inside the base.  I had been gone just a couple of hours, enough time for everyone to hear about me and my curious behavior, but Kimball wasn’t there, so I guessed he was still in the meeting.

I walked inside and let the guards take care of my prisoners while I went looking for the meeting place.  I knew that I had to time my entrance just right, of the consequences could be fatal.  There were many guards inside the building, a couple of them were outside the door of the meeting place where the leaders of the Free Nations were talking.  I stood outside the door, the two guards looked at me, but since I didn’t try to go in, they didn’t try to stop me.

“What you ask is impossible, we will never surrender to the Republic,” Kgosi was saying.

“Our nations had fought with you, but it’s a lost battle, all we will accomplish is to lose our people.  The attacks are more violent, more frequent.  It’s really worth it?  Can we afford to keep fighting?” Said a person I didn’t know, but that I knew was working with Emily and Faakhir thanks to my visions.

“I think is worth it.  Do you really think that things will improve if we surrender?” Kimball said.  “Just ask the people who had been under their control, the king and queen are only concerned with their needs, they will take all of your resources without caring if you have enough for yourself.  They won’t kill your people with guns, they will starve you to death.”

“That’s true,” one of the rulers said, I knew him because Mzansi had helped his nation to escape from the Republic’s control.  “It’s a different kind of fighting, but there is fighting.  We thought that surrendering, we would help our people, but they asked for more than we could give, we had to fight for our freedom.”

“Maybe we can negotiate something, as for certain guarantees,” insisted the traitor.

“Do you really think they will honor their word?”  Kgosi asked.  “Once they get what they want, their armies will take the control and all the agreements will be forgotten.  People like them have no honor, rumors say that Emily killed her own brother so she could take the throne.  After everything she had done, I believe the story is true, and a person willing to sacrifice her own family cannot be trusted.”

“You can believe in rumors,” another voice said.

“All I know if that you don’t accept to become part of the Republic, you will regret it.”  Those were the words I was waiting for, I knew that after that everything was going to get out of control.

“I need to go in,” I told the guards.  They exchanged a look and for a moment I thought they wouldn’t allow me to go in, but after a moment they opened the door and let me go in.

Everyone noticed my entrance, all the faces turned to me the moment I crossed the door.  Kimball looked surprised to see me there, and I noticed he was worried, his first reaction was to think something had happened to Ethan or me, but then he noticed something in me that relaxed him, he knew I had another reason to be there.  Zola looked curious, and Frederik was happy to see me, Kgosi not so much.

“This is a private meeting,” one of the leaders I didn’t know said.

“What I have to do will only take a moment,” I said calmly, as I used my mind to grab the traitor and throw him against the wall.  All the people there got out of their seats and several guards stormed inside, some didn’t know what to do, but a few of them went after me, but before they could act I used my mind to open the man’s shirt and reveal the explosives he had strapped to his body.  “I don’t think I have to explain what he was planning to do if you didn’t accept his suggestions.”

“This can’t be happening,” one of the leaders said, “there must be an explanation for this.”

“The war won’t end until all the nations are under the king and queen’s control.  You are only delaying the inevitable,” the traitor said.  “None of you will leave this place alive, I’m not the only one the Republic sent.”

“No, there are also a few warriors sent here to attack the place, that are currently under our army’s control.  Using my powers I took the explosives, using my powers to make sure they wouldn’t explode.  “The plan, if things didn’t go as they wanted, was to make these explosives explode and then, when all the guards were here trying to find out what had happened, the warriors were going to attack and take control of the base.  It was a good plan, but they didn’t take me into account, they never thought someone would find out about their plan and stop them.”

“I can’t believe this, this cannot be real,” one of the rulers was saying, almost talking to herself.

“This is happening more and more.  The enemy keeps infiltrating our circle.”

“Is he the only one?  Who else is going to attack us?  How can we know who to trust?”  Someone else asked.

Using my powers I moved the traitor back to his seat and with my power held him down.

“You can trust me,” I said, “at least for now.” I moved to the keyboard in front of me and worked with the computer to bring a map of Africa to the surface. I highlighted the points where I knew the enemy was gathering before their attacks.  “I need you to pay attention to this, because it’s very important.  This points to the places where the enemy is gathering.  If you move fast, you will be able to take them out.  Your window of opportunity is not big, and you need to act fast or you won’t have another chance.”

I could see Kgosi arguing with Zola.  Frederik was talking to the leaders next to him.  Kimball was staring at me, but he didn’t say anything.  The people around me were agitated, afraid, and unsure of what to do.  It was hard to get into some of their minds, not because they had defenses as strong as the Mzansiers, but because I didn’t know some of their languages and that made things harder to interpret.

“Is this what you saw in the fog of the future?” Kimball asked.

“Yes, I noticed that our enemy has a Seer working with them, that’s how they manage to stay a step ahead of us.  The thing is they weren’t expecting us to have a Seeress as well.”  I turned to face the man that had tried to blow us up.  “Go and tell your bosses that they lost their advantage.  Now that I know there is someone walking the fog, I can go in and ruin their plans.  Every action they take I will see.  Tell them that Mzansi’s demoness will make their lives a living hell.”

“You are not suggesting we let him go, are you?” Kgosi asked.  “He is our enemy, we need to punish him.

“He will be punished, believe me, but first he has a message to deliver.”

“You are forgetting your place, yet again.  You don’t make the decisions here, we make the decisions.”  Kgosi said.

“I have seen what my actions today will do for our cause.  If you don’t let me act, we will be set back.”  I couldn’t waste time trying not to hurt Kgosi’s pride, I had other things to worry about.  “You have the information you need, and very little time to act.  By the end of the day I will give this man back to his masters, and then they will know that their troops locations are compromised.”

“That doesn’t give us enough time,” one of the leaders complained.  “Give us at least a couple of days to prepare.”

“By tomorrow morning our enemies will know that their plan didn’t work and will act accordingly despite of what we do.  I recommend you to stop wasting your time.”

“I suggest you listen to her,” Zola said, “her visions have been correct in the past, and she had saved us from falling into the Republic’s hands in several occasions.”

A few minutes later the leaders got up and went away, to plan their own actions and contact their own troops.  That left me with Mzansi’s leaders, Kimball, and my prisoner.

“Time to go to sleep,” I told my prisoner before knocking him out.

“This is a good moment for you to explain,” Frederik said.

“I had a chat with Queen Sofia,” my words were received with surprise and anger, “she doesn’t share her daughter’s ideas, but she has been forced to cooperate with her plans.  Talking to her I realized that Emily and Faakhir are afraid of me.  I think it’s time to act.  With a few well planned attacks and a few hits to their troops, we will make them realize that they can’t win against us.  After that you could make a deal with them.  After we are finished with them, you will be able to ask them to leave Mzansi alone, in exchange, you will neutralize the thing they fear: Mzansi’s demoness.  They know I’m the only one that can stop Sofia, and after they see what I’m capable of, they will accept the deal.”

“I’m not sure if I understand your plan,” Zola said.

“In a few months Acuarium will be finished, you will tell our enemies you are getting rid of me, and I will go to Acuarium, to a place they won’t be able to find me.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” Frederik said.  “I propose you and the General start working on this immediately.”

I looked at Kimball, waiting for him to protest, to say it was too dangerous and that I should stay out of it, instead, he nodded and got up.

“It’s been a long day, if you don’t mind, we will start tomorrow morning.”  He extended his hand to me and walked with me outside the room.


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