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Chapter 7

Kimball had told me about Capital city, but what I saw when I was approaching the place was not what I expected. The place where the King and Queen were living was a huge structure. Their Palace was located on top of another building. The base was built like a pyramid and was located in the center of the city. The base of the pyramid like structure had a few miles in diameter. The ground floor housed most government offices, while the second floor was where the Congress and the Camera were housed and had their reunions. On top of that floor were the rooms where soldiers and workers lived. On top of the third floor were located the gardens, and in the center was the Palace. The Palace was a huge building designed to house the heads of the three government branches, but since Emily and Faakhir had claimed all the powers to them, they were the only ones living there.

Several parks and roads surrounded the Pyramid, and on the opposite side of each corner there were four huge tower like structures. Kimball had talked about them a lot, those huge Towers were self-sustained communities, micro cities located inside Capital city. Each tower had a different color and represented each of the four continents that were part of their society. The huge buildings had common areas on the bottom floors, but the top floors were each assigned to a different country. Embassadors and senators lived there when they weren’t working.

Further away, in perfectly defined areas, lived the rest of the people of Capital city, those who had left their own countries to be part of something more, something greater. The original idea behind Capital city was a good one, it was a neutral place where all the different countries could get together and work on common goals, a place where they could resolve their differences in a civilized way. It was a great place with a noble purpose, until Faakhir and Emily decided to corrupt its meaning. Kimball had explained that people in Capital city were no longer there because they wanted, they were hostages of the new government, held there to ensure their countries would not attack or try to take over the new government.

The plane landed at an airport on the limits of the city, and when I got out of it, I found a vehicle from the Palace already waiting for me. It was a short trip, but long enough for me to see the poverty and suffering of the people living there. Most of the people in the city didn’t have enough food and their basic needs were not being fulfilled, only those lucky or unlucky enough to live in the Pyramid or one of the Towers had a decent life.

When we arrived at the Pyramid I discovered a new level that Kimball hadn’t mentioned, the car went underground and stopped next to an elevator that took us directly to the Palace. While we walked through the hallways, I smiled, I had successfully infiltrated the King’s circle, and now I was in their home, on my way to meet Emily, my greatest enemy. I hated that I had to follow Jonas, one of Faakhir’s trusted men, someone who thought that just because he had been there before me, he had more rights than me.

“Faster,” Jonas said, “we don’t have all day. King Faakhir said that we had to go there as soon as you arrived.”

I knew that hurrying me up was his way of showing who was in charge, but it was a game I wasn’t willing to play, so I kept my pace, I wasn’t going to let him tell me what to do. It was going to be hard enough to pretend to listen to the King, I wasn’t going to start listening to his minions. Luckily we arrived at the room where Faakhir and Emily were in just a few minutes.

“Welcome!” Faakhir greeted me happily. “It’s good to finally have you here.”

“What is she doing here?” Emily was mad. “I thought I had been clear about her, I told you to get rid of her. I want her dead, not here in my Palace.”

“There’s nothing to worry about dear, Kaiserin helped us get Mzansi, I already told you about that. Don’t you think we are fortunate to have her on our side?”

“We didn’t need her for that, sooner or later Mzansi would have fallen even without her help.”

“But now she is one of ours, just look,” Faakhir said.

I was about to speak when I felt Faakhir’s presence in my mind, he had used the backdoor he had left in my mind to enter my mind. I knew that for someone without my double mind his intrusion wouldn’t have been noticed, but I knew what he was up to. I pretended I was under his power, and following the orders that Faakhir was putting inside my mind I knelt before Emily. Following Faakhir’s orders was one of the hardest thing I had done. I hated that I had to humiliate myself in front of my enemies, it was physically painful to do it. I stayed that way even after Faakhir left my mind to resume his chat with his wife.

“As you can see, she is under my control. Someone as dangerous as she will be a great asset to our forces. It is true that right now the whole world is under our control, but nothing can assure us that it will always be that way, there are always foolish people thinking they can fight us. If we get in the need of showing our enemies their place, she can be our most powerful weapon.”

“You think I’m dumb? I know why you want her here.” Emily was getting angrier.

Faakhir went into trance again, and then I noticed that Emily’s eyes got glassy, and that she looked confused.

“Everything will be fine my dear Emily,” Faakhir said in a sweet voice. “Kaiserin will be a great addition to our forces. The Demoness from Mzansi is already a legend and she will inspire fear in our enemies wherever we go.”

“Yes, you are right,” Emily said, “with the Demoness on our side, our enemies will be too afraid to fight us.”

“That’s right Emily.” At that moment I understood that Faakhir was worse than I thought, he was using his powers to control everyone, including his wife. I knew that Emily was a bad person, but I wondered just how much was her fault, and how much was because of Faakhir’s manipulation. “Kaiserin, get up.”

I moved immediately, my body obeying the order before I could react. I needed to be careful, I was distracted and Faakhir’s command had taken over, I couldn’t let myself lower my guard like that. I knew that if I payed attention I could easily identify and block all of his orders, but I needed to be careful, he was more powerful than I originally thought and could end up being really dangerous for me.

“Welcome to the Dominion,” Emily said, her mind finally at peace with my presence. “I’m sure that together we would be able to do great things. And you arrive at the right time too. Soon my mother won’t be with us, and it will be nice to have another Seeress to replace her. I hope that your powers are as strong as hers.”

“I think I already proved that I am as strong as her, if not better. During our battles she was never able to defeat me, I always knew what she was up to, I knew what she was going to do.”

“Well, let’s hope you’re right,” Emily said.

“How are things going on with your mother?” Faakhir asked.

“Nothing have worked as I expected. I already ordered our people to get rid of her, but no one have succeed in killing her.”

“It won’t be easy, as a Seeress she is able to see our attacks before we act,” one of Faakhir’s men said. “Legend says that a Seer knows exactly when is going to die.”

“That’s nothing but silly stories,” Emily said.

“Not really,” I said. “The first vision any Seer sees is his own death. It’s one of the few absolutes we can see, our own death. If you want to get rid of Sofia I can help. Not only I would be really glad to kill her, but I know that our paths are meant to cross and only one of us is going to get out of our meeting alive. And I’m sure you know who is going to be that person.” Our paths were meant to cross, but our meeting was going to end in an alliance, not a murder.

“See dear? It was a good idea to bring her here, now we have the means to get rid of your mother. No one else is going to try and control you anymore, no one is going to take away what is rightfully yours anymore. You will be free to be who you want to be.

Faakhir’s manipulations made me sick, there he was trying to convince Emily that her mother was trying to manipulate her, when it was he who had his claws deep into her mind, robbing her of her free will. I could sense that Emily wasn’t guilt free, she was a monster, but Faakhir fed her anger and hate and encouraged her to make her dark desires a reality.

“It will be a good way to prove her power and her loyalty. You have a week to show us your power, at the end of that week I want my mother dead.”

“It will be as you wish Queen Emily, but I don’t need a week, just tell me where she is and I will take care of her. By tomorrow night Sofia will no longer be with us.”

“Fanny,” Emily called one of her handmaidens, “gather all the relevant information on my mother, the info we got for the assassins that were supposed to take care of her and give it to that woman. If she fails, I don’t want her to have any excuse, she will have all the information she needs to do her job. Understood?”

“Don’t worry my Queen, I will have everything ready for her the Demoness in a moment.” With that the woman left the room, she wasn’t running, but she was fast. I supposed that when one of the rulers of that place gave an order, everyone did their best to obey as fast as possible.

As it was expected, I took my place behind the Kings, with the rest of the guards, and watched how they dealt with the government issues.  I knew they were selfish bastards that care nothing for their people, but seeing them in action, hearing them talk about raising taxes and punishing those unable to satisfy their insane demands made me hate them even more.  They only cared about luxury and how much they could take, they didn’t care if their subjects died of starvation.  Emily’s greed had no end, and Faakhir wasn’t better.

The woman Emily had sent for information returned before an hour had gone by and gave me the information that they had on Sofia.  It wasn’t really necessary, I knew all I needed to know, but I took the papers and with the excuse that I had to study them I left the room.  A Palace worker took me to the room that had been assigned to me in the third floor.  As part of the Mzansi government I had a place in the Black Tower, but Faakhir wanted me close by, so he had given me a room with the other guards in the Pyramid.  For the moment I didn’t care, it suits my needs, but sooner rather than later, I would have to demand my place in the Black Tower, as Queen of Mzansi I needed to have my place, even if my title was only a pretense.


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