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Chapter 20

I always felt uneasy when I was at the Palace, but I was feeling even worse than normal, I had the feeling something bad was about to happen, and I couldn’t get that out of my head, I was worried and distracted.  I couldn’t stay still, I couldn’t find a place where I could feel right.  My room felt claustrophobic, the gym full of enemies looking for a way of getting me out of their way, the gardens were being remodeled and the thorn plants and scattered soil were depressing.  I was walking through the halls, trying to come up with an excuse so I could go to Mzansi, I needed to see Kimball and my son, and it had to be soon, before I lost my mind.

A strong emotion hit me while I was walking, I had my empathy on, trying to look for threats, but I felt fury and fear, someone was being attacked.  I followed the emotion, knowing that it was strong enough to guide me, and it did, taking me to a room just after a couple of minutes.  From the door I could see two young maids, a soldier and Emily.

“Did you really think that you could humiliate me in my own house?” Emily screamed, as he viciously hit one of the maids, while the other was being held back by the soldier.  “You will regret what you did,” Emily added, as she continued her assault.

The fear I was feeling was coming from the girl with the soldier, the one being hit wasn’t showing any emotions, and it didn’t take me long to see why.  The young maid was one of Faakhir’s victims, one of the unfortunate maids that had arrived to the Palace looking for work and food, and had ended up as Faakhir’s playthings.  Her mind was so shattered that Emily’s abuse wasn’t even registering in her mind.

“What’s going on?” I ask the soldier.

“Her Majesty found out that the whore got herself pregnant by the King,” the soldier explained, and the injustice of the situation almost made me lose control.  Emily was punishing the girl for her husband’s crimes.  I knew it wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time that I was there to witness it.

I wasn’t sure what to do, I knew what the girl was feeling, or rather, wasn’t feeling; her mind, body and spirit were broken beyond repair.  If I knew there was a chance of healing her I would have found the way, but sometimes it was just too late.  I wanted to scream, it was just too unfair, and with so few exits, none of them pleasant.

I waited a little bit more, while Emily kept screaming and hitting the girl, and then I used my powers to manipulate the situation, making the maid move as if she was trying to get out of the punishment, which only ignited Emily’s fury even more, making her hit her even harder.  The hit threw the girl against a table standing between the beds, and I moved her so she hit it at the exact angle needed to break her neck.  Her body fell to the ground, and at first Emily didn’t notice that she wasn’t moving and kept hitting her, but her roommate, a friend, or maybe even a relative, noticed what had happened, and began screaming hysterically.

After a few more hits Emily noticed the maid wasn’t moving, and finally stopped.  “What the hell happened?” She asked, as if she couldn’t see what she had done.

“I’m guessing she broke her neck,” I said, and Emily turned to see me, surprised I was there.

“How long have you been here?” Her voice didn’t betray her feelings, but I knew she wasn’t happy to see me.

“A couple of minutes, long enough to see her fall.  It seems your fun ended rather quickly.”

“Yes, it wasn’t long enough,” Emily said, “that’s not enough for her to pay for what she did.  That whore seduced my husband, and as if that wasn’t bad enough she got pregnant.  I’ve been trying for a long time, but she managed to do it in just a few weeks.”

I know that what Emily was saying was completely bullshit, but there was no point in trying to tell Emily that the maid never tried to seduce Faakhir, that it was he who went after her, who forced himself on her, that she never wanted to be with him, even less to get pregnant by that monster.  But Emily would never listen, she was convinced everyone was out to seduce her husband, even me, not matter how much I tried to show I wasn’t interested in him.

“Don’t worry, that kid will never be born now,” I said, but I knew that Faakhir had a few bastards in many places across the Dominion.  Even if I could keep him away, many women weren’t as lucky as me.

“That right.  So, what were you doing here?  Were you spying on me?”

“I was walking by when I heard some screams and came to investigate.” Emily and I started walking away, and the soldier finally let the other maid go, and followed us.  “In fact, I was thinking of going a few days to Mzansi.  I need to see how things are going there, and also I need to visit my husband.”

“It must be difficult to have your husband so far away,” Emily said casually, and her comment gave me an idea.

I knew Faakhir used his powers on Emily, and having her mind controlled on constantly made her vulnerable to people like me.  Using my powers I started to plant the seed of an idea in her head.  I used her own thoughts, her own insecurities and waited for it to take root.

“Sometimes it is difficult.  You know it’s not easy to satisfy some needs when your husband is miles away from you.”

“Why don’t you bring him here?  You know that every country has a Representative in Capital City.  Just get rid of the current one and make your husband the new one.  I order you to do it.  It will be good for you to have both your husband and your boy here with you.”

“Do I have to bring Ethan too?  All I need is Kimball,” I complained, trying to maintain the illusion that I cared nothing about my son, and also giving Emily another reason to want him there, just to bother me.

“Of course.  Do you know we have an exclusive school for the children of the Representatives and other important government people?  It’s our way of controlling the parents, that way we know where their children are and what they are learning.  It also allows us to make sure they learn what we want them to learn.”

“I’m not sure Faakhir will want this,” I said, trying to cover my ass in case Faakhir could hear us or tried to investigate how Kimball had ended in Capital City, it had to seem like it was all his woman’s idea.

“I will take care of my husband, you go, right now, and don’t come back unless your whole family is with you.”

Emily let me go, without realizing that she was making my dreams come true.  I didn’t like the idea of putting them at risk, but I did feel better knowing they would be with me.  Maybe I was being selfish, but the truth was that I needed my family if I wanted to stay sane.  Even if most mornings I couldn’t remember my dreams, I had been waking up scared and covered in sweat, and I knew that I had been having nightmares most of the night, and having a restless night was getting to me.  I needed Kimball so I could feel safe enough to have a good night’s sleep, and I needed Ethan to remind me what I was doing there.

I couldn’t waste any time, I needed to go before Emily could change her mind or Faakhir found out about it and tried to change the orders.  I called my pilot and asked him to get a fly to Mzansi ready as soon as possible.  I went to my room only to get the things I absolutely needed, not even bothering with a suitcase, I could get whatever I needed in Mzansi or Aquarium.  Only a few hours later I was landing in Mzansi, and getting things ready for the next part of my travel, I still needed to go to Aquarium, where Kimball and Ethan were still living.

The hard part was always getting from Mzansi to Aquarium.  Just a few people knew about Aquarium, even less knew how to get there.  It had been worth it to have all the precautions taken, we have ensured that Aquarium was a safe place, but it made getting there a difficult and time consuming task.  I had been trying to communicate with them to let them know about my imminent arrival, but the communication was also restricted and I hadn’t been able to talk to them.  As I got closer to Aquarium the feeling of foredoom grew higher.  The idea of someone following me started to get hold, making me nervous, so I decided to take a walk in the fog, with the hope of finding what was troubling me.

As always in the fog I found myself in a cross path, with many paths in front of me, there were many options, but I decided to travel the one I thought was more likely to become reality, I made sure to keep my senses open so I could identify the problem ahead of me.  I wasn’t sure how far ahead it was, but it didn’t take long to find the problem, even if the problem wasn’t directly linked to me, it was someone else who was in trouble.  Once I identified the players, I went to walk their paths.  I wasn’t sure how much time I had left, or how far we were from Aquarium, so I decided to get out of the fog and find a way to get there in time.  I asked the pilot to be faster, because I knew that if we were late, more than one life would be forever changed.

The guilt and the pain that would be caused by the accident, would affect a whole generation, and even if I hadn’t taken the time to see how it would affect them in a few years, I knew that the people involved would never be the same, it wouldn’t, not even with my intervention, but if I could stop the death from happening, then they would have a chance of healing, both their physical and psychological wounds.  I had no time to waste.


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