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Chapter 32

I woke up after a couple of hours of sleep.  I had spent a long time trying to walk through the fog of the future, but it had been a wasted effort.  The only thing I knew for sure was that there was another Seer involved and working against us.  I had been sure that there was someone else in the fog, but I had looked around without being able to find anything, I only knew that whomever it was, the Seer was looking the same timelines I was.  The only thing I was sure of, was that they were expecting us, and had an explosive welcome for us.

I arrived very early to the airport and went looking for the pilots.  I had seen in many of the paths that our plane exploded while still in the air, so I needed to make sure the plane was safe, do a search by myself, even if the pilots had already done all the checks and were sure that there were no explosives on board.  There were many ways of fooling them, so I was worried someone had gone past them.

“What are you doing here?” Inger sounded angry, and wasn’t trying to hide it.

“You told me to arrive before ten,” I reminded her.

“And what are you doing talking with the crew?”

“I tried to see the future and found that there is a big chance of our plane exploding before we arrive at our destination.  I don’t know for sure if is a bomb or a missile hitting us, but I asked the crew to check the plane again.  I would prefer to cancel the trip and have the King change the schedule, it’s too dangerous to make this trip.

“If you had information like that, you should have come and tell me about it first thing, you can’t come and talk to my crew without my authorization.  I’m the one in charge.  Is that understood?”

“You need to understand something first, Inger, – I said, using my most deadly voice, – I don’t follow orders from you.  We have to cooperate for this mission, and you, I suppose, are in charge of the rest of the people, but not me.  I will let you decide what to do, but if I don’t like what you want to do or consider it too risky, I will go to Faakhir and challenge your orders.”

I walked away, knowing she was angry with me, but hoping her common sense and survival instinct would be strong enough to let her make the right decision.  Just a little bit after that, the rest of the people started to arrive.  I was surprised to see the small number of people, but I guessed it made sense, fewer people were easier to move without attracting attention.

After a while she came back with an attack plan.  We would move to another airport, by car, and once there we would take control of one of the private airplanes and take it to another city where we would take another airplane.  We would move through the Dominion that way, she wouldn’t tell what was our next stop until we were in the air, and wouldn’t let the cities know of our plans so they wouldn’t know what airplane we would be taking.  I had to accept that it was a good plan, and the way she was going to be making decisions would make it very hard for any Seer to guess her actions.

The plane we had taken for the last leg of our trip was very uncomfortable, but the rest of my companions looked relaxed, they felt confident that Inger’s plan was a good one and her precautions enough, but I wasn’t feeling like that, I had the feeling things would go horribly wrong.  I was even more convinced that the enemy had a Seer on their side, and that it was an inexperienced Seer, one that was creating a chaos with the timelines.  It was too hard to see what was going to happen, I had to wait and see, like the rest of the mortals.

I didn’t have to wait too long, once I felt the plane changing directions abruptly, I was sure something bad was going on.  A peek through the windows confirmed my fears, there was a missile coming our way.  Even if we had a really good pilot, the airplane wasn’t designed for maneuverability, and I knew it was just a matter of time before we were hit.  I used my powers and focused on the missile until it exploded.  The explosion rocked the plane, but the pilot could keep the control.

“What he hell is going on?” Inger yelled from the front of the plane.

“There’s a few missiles following us, I don’t know if they are thermal seeking or remote controlled, but we can’t lose them, they’re still after us,” the copilot explained.

“Then what the hell was that explosion?” Inger asked, her voice back under control once she got over the surprise.

“One of the missiles exploded,” the copilot explained the obvious.

“If you can turn the plane so I can see the missiles, I can’t take care of the rest,” I said, raising my voice over the mumbling of the rest of the people there.  Inger stared at me in disbelief, but her survival instinct won over her pride, and she gave me the chance, telling the pilots to do as I asked.

I peeked outside the small window again, and saw more missiles getting close to us.  I used my powers to make two of them crash with each other, causing another explosion.  Once again we were hit by the expansive wave, and the pilot had more trouble than the first time getting the plane under control.  The rest of the people in the plane were restless and frustrated because there was nothing they could do.  We were too high in the air for them to be able to do something.  Inger was the only one who could help, using the water in the clouds to attack, but she wasn’t thinking clearly and couldn’t focus enough.

“We need to land, as soon as possible,” she was telling the pilots.  “We are an easy target in the sky.”

“More missiles are getting closer,” the copilot said, as they started to turn the plane to dodge them.  I was able to spot one of them and made it explode, but I didn’t see the one coming to us from the other side.  Inger had seen it and tried to use her powers to stop it, but it was too late and the missile hit us, damaging the plane and tearing apart one of the wings.

Our only advantage was that everyone on the plane was a highly trained professional, so there was no panic or chaos as we started to fall, all of them were working on finding a way to survive.  Most of them just strapped themselves to the plane and assumed crash positions, but with the speed and angle of our fall I knew we weren’t going to survive.  I moved closer to the front and saw the ground approaching us at high speed, and then I noticed Inger was busy trying to do something.  She was so concentrated on her task that it was easy for me to get into her mind and see her plan.  She was trying to prepare the ground for our crash to increase our chances of survival.

I joined her efforts, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough.  We were lucky it was winter and we had a lot of snow to work with, but it wasn’t easy to move it around, we were lucky we could move enough.  Our efforts helped make the crash less hard, but it was enough to break the plane into two pieces.  I used my powers to create a bubble of protection around me, so I got out of the crash with only a few bruises.

I started to take account of the damage, Inger had hit the walls of the cabin with force, and she was unconscious, with a nasty hit on her head and possibly a broken arm, other than that she was fine.  The pilot was in one piece, and was trying to take his seatbelt off, his copilot wasn’t as lucky, he wasn’t moving, and I was pretty sure he was dead.  I was sure we were safe from fire, the tanks were intact, and we were surrounded by snow.

I left the pilot with instructions to take care of Inger, and I moved to the other part of the plane to see how the rest of our squad was doing.  The rest of our group was there, alive.  Most of them only had minor injuries, but a couple of them were not responding.  Iván was in bad shape, but he was standing and going through the people there, trying to check their injuries.

“What happened to Inger?” Ivan asked me when he saw me, and I could hear his mind asking me, how I was.

“Inger is injured, she hit her head pretty bad and was unconscious when I left her.  Only one of the pilots survived, and he is taking care of her.  I just have a few bruises, but I’m fine.  What about you?”

“Nothing too bad,” Ivan said, and I felt his relief to hear I was ok.  “A few bruises, minor injuries…”

“We need to move out, whomever was attacking us will want to see come and finish the job.  Those who can walk will have to help the ones that can’t.”

“Inger is the one in charge,” Yoweri reminded me.

“Inger is not here, that means you will have to follow my orders.  Or you can stay here and wait for our welcome committee.”

“Are you sure they’re coming for us?” Ivan asked.

“Not one hundred percent, but it’s pretty likely.”

I turned around and walked back to where the front of the plane had crashed and when I arrived I found Inger was awake.  She was leaning on what was left of the plane, but when she saw us, she tried to stand.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Like I just crashed.”

“I’m worried that the people who attacked us is going to send more people after us, we need to move away from here.”

“That’s the least of our problems,” the pilot said.  “There’s a blizzard moving our way.  While we were on the plane, it was easy to stay ahead of it, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to escape it on foot, it will arrive soon.”  I looked to the horizon and saw a few dark clouds that were growing by the minute.  “The other problem is that we are in the middle of nowhere, we are hours away from any signs of civilization, there’s no way we could reach safety before the blizzard arrives, and with the temperature drop it’s very likely we won’t be able to survive the night.”

“We need to move away from here before someone comes looking for us,” I insisted, trying to find a good solution to our problems.

“Take everything you can salvage from the crash and that can be useful for us,” Inger said, “we will move a couple of miles away and build a temporary shelter.  If the blizzard arrives, we can hide in a snow shelter and be practically invisible to our enemies.  We will be able to survive long enough to communicate with the Domain and have them send help.”

It was a good idea, so I didn’t say anything and let her issue her orders, meanwhile, I went to a safe spot and astral projected, so I could scout the area.  Just as I had predicted, I could see a group of people on snowmobiles approaching our crash site.  They were moving fast, but they were far away and we still had time, maybe a couple of hours, before they arrived.  With the injuries our group had acquired during the crash, it didn’t seem likely we could face them in a fight, so we needed to find a safe place to hide.

By the time I returned everyone was ready to go, but I could see that a few of them wouldn’t be able to make it far because of their injuries.  I was afraid it would be easy for our enemies to find us.  Inger gave the order and we started to move.  I used my powers to clear the traces or our group so they wouldn’t be able to follow us.  After half an hour I considered it was far enough for them to be safe.

“Inger,” I called her.  She looked tired and I could tell she was saving strength for the tasks ahead of her.  “There’s a group coming after us, I’m afraid they will be able to find us, I don’t think we would be able to fight them off easily.  I will go back to the crash site and create a bogus trail to throw them off our scent.”

“If you think that’s a good idea, go for it,” Inger said, and I noticed she was happy to get rid of me, maybe she was even wishing our enemies would find me and get rid of me.

The rest of the group was too busy trying to move to notice I was moving away from them, or at least that was what I thought.  I went back to where the plane was and started to look around it to find things that could be useful to me.  I found some blood and move it around, creating a blood trail around the site to make it look like we had several injured.  Then I peeled a piece of fuselage, something that could be used as a stretcher.  I moved to the highest point and I used my mind to move the stretcher, dragging it through the snow, creating a pretty clear trail.  I wanted them to believe we had people too injured to move by themselves and make us look desperate.  I moved the piece of metal as far as I could.  I hoped it was enough to confuse our enemies and give the rest of our people enough time to get to safety.

The blizzard was almost over me, but with the psychic headache and exhaustion, the last thing I wanted to do was to go look for the rest of the squad.  The effort I had done was too much and I knew I was about to collapse.  I needed to move far enough that our enemies wouldn’t see me and build myself a shelter.   I would look for the rest of my team once I felt strong again.  I went down and moved in the opposite direction from the false trail I had created, but not in quite the same direction that the rest of them had gone, I needed to stay away from them while I was vulnerable.  I needed a shelter and fast, so I used my powers to build one.  I stood in the middle of a clearing and started to move the snow under me until it moved a few feet around me and then started to build the walls.  The shelter started to take form, a semi sphere with me at the center.  By the time I managed to seal it my body couldn’t do more and I collapsed to the floor, the psychic headache attacking me with enough force to knock me out any moment.

I knew I couldn’t let myself go yet, I needed to find a way to generate a little bit of heat or I would fall sleep and freeze to death. While I considered my options I heard a noise and turned to see Yoweri at my side.  I thought I was hallucinating, but then I realized I had been so distracted that I couldn’t counteract Yoweri’s powers and he had been able to hide from me.

“Don’t worry,” Yower said as he started taking his clothes off, “I know how to keep you warm.”

“No!” I protested when I realized what he was talking about.  I was too weak to fight him off, but I needed to find a way to keep him away from me.

“C’mon, I know you want this, you want me…” Yoweri kept talking, but I couldn’t hear him anymore, I was too scared to listen to his words.

I knew I was about to pass out, the pain was more than I could stand and my sight was already going dark, but I could still see Yoweri standing above me, his intentions were clear.  I made a last effort to stop him, by pulling his mind into my own.  My goal was to use my father’s chest to render him unconscious, but I realized that I wasn’t strong enough to fight it, and it would hurt me as much as it would hurt him.  Before I could decide to use it or not, my mind started to collapse and I was lost in my memories.


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