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I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sorry for that, I promise I will finish Kaiserin’s story, it’s just that a lot is going on right now.  In about a month I will be publishing Kaiserin’s first book, the Spanish version.  I’m working on the English version as well, but it will probably take longer, I hope I will have it ready before the end of the year.

Right now the idea is having it on Kindle, I’m not sure if I’m going to have a paperback version.  If you would be interested in buying a paperback tell me and I will try to make it possible.

About Book 4, the idea is restarting the weekly posts in September, most likely mid-September, but I will let you know.

Thanks to all of you for reading Kaiserin


4 thoughts on “News

  1. So, when do you think that you will be back? I want to re-read all chapters! Before you re-start posting new chapters…..

      • Hi Eramose, just got done re-reading all chapters (in five days or so), I have just a few recommendations for you to consider before you release the new chapter of the fourth book, (and for past books, hope you read this before you send up the first book to Amazon/Google Play).
        (May be crashing your plans? Sorry?)
        1st: Clarify people’s ages- Let me work from the first book, what my guesses are for Kaiserin, 1st book is her birth up to around 18-20 age range. 2nd book is 18 or so up to 28 or 30 age range, and the 3rd book Kaiserin age starts at around 28 or 30s up to 38 or 40 age range, (in my head she is not older than 40, you would not able to tell me otherwise.)
        2nd Clarify how long are the time periods, before or after a time skip (you love them it seems): when you say a few months I’m only thinking 5 to 6 months, or when you say a few years I think up to 4-5 years, please clarify how long it’s been since we saw her last, (plus it will help with pining down how old someone is.)
        3rd Clarify the world that Kaiserin is based in how many days are in a month, how many months are in a year, and how many days are in a year, (or please state if the world is the same as ours.)
        4th If you can, a character list would be great in helping keeping straight characters that popping in and out.
        5th If you can, a family tree of Kaiserin/ other families, would be helpful in keeping the blood ties clear.
        6th List of powers to clans, since there are so many powers out there/ list of powers to people. (You can merge 4th one and the this one together if you wanted).
        7th And last but not least, side stories about Kaiserin’s daughters and other family, about when she is not with them/or side stories about other characters to help flush out the character’s motives, feelings and past. (Would love to know how Malkia felt about meeting her mother for the first time, outside of Kaiserin’s empathy, also Greca, and when the sisters re-met at the Assassins Clan, how did they feel about their mother together, and how the hell did Faakhir and Emily get to be so evil.)

        Reader: Gen Martin

      • I will try to include a better time frame. I don’t have my notes right now, but I remember first book ends with her being around 23, second book is only a five years period aprox, and there is a time skip between second and third book (For almost five years I had the perfect life, it was time to wake up.) That’s how she describes her time in Aquarium, so she starts third book around 33 years old and it ends with her between 39-40.
        I have some side stories prepared for book2 and book3… I’m afraid I didn’t think of that before and including them in book1 would make it way too long.
        I need a wiki… someday.

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