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Trajan couldn’t understand how his own father had deceived him like that.  From Caracalla it was expected, but his father?  He should have known, his father never thought much of him, his father only saw Caracalla and this only proved how little he meant to him.

Not knowing what else to do Trajan walked back to the room he shared with Caracalla.  When he approached the room, he saw two guards standing outside the door, that was not normal.  Before he could ask them why they were there his father exited the room.

“Trajan, your brother needs some time alone to think about his action.  Another room is being prepared for you,” Kamose announced.

“What does he need to think about? What actions are you referring to?”  Trajan needed some answers and he was going to take any opportunity to find them.

“This is none of your business Trajan.  I’ll send someone to inform you when your new bedroom is ready, until then you can do whatever you want.”  Kamose turned and started to walk away.

“Why didn’t you tell me Kaiserin was alive?”  Trajan was following his father, he needed at least to try and get an explanation.

“That had nothing to do with you, there was no need for you to know.”

“But there was need for Caracalla to know, as always I was the only one kept in the dark.” Trajan said, and Kamose stopped to face his son.

“You are no one to complain or demand explanations from me.  You need to remember who I am and treat me with respect.” Kamose’s demeanor was the same as always, but Trajan knew him enough to know he was furious.

“Or what?” Trajan challenged.  “Are you going to punish me like you punished her?”

“I would never do something like that to one of my sons.” Kamose sounded offended.

“You did it to her.  Kaiserin may be from another family, but she carries your blood same as me.”  Kamose was silent, Trajan’s words seemed to affect him and his fury dissipated before Trajan’s eyes.

“To be honest son, I never wanted to hurt her, I just wanted her outside of the Palace and out of the fight for the throne.  I never imagined that Caracalla would manage to send her to such an awful place or that he would plan to punish her like that.

“Never?  Father, he was just doing exactly what you asked of us.” Kamose looked with incredulity at his son.  “You told us from the beginning to see her not as our sister but as our enemy.  I tried to do that, I really did, but I couldn’t.  But Caracalla did, for him she will always be his worst enemy.”

Kamose turned and walked away.  Trajan didn’t try to follow him, he had seen the anger in his father’s eyes and decided to stop pushing his luck.

Kaiserin had been a victim of Caracalla’s intrigues for too long.  Trajan had nothing to do with any of that, but he felt guilty nonetheless.  He decided to try and mend some of the damage that had been done to his sister.  Just taking that decision made him feel better.  He had a plan, he just had to find the right person to help him.


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