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Ilum stared at the young woman in her arms.  Her own heart was bleeding grief as she watched her mistress’ daughter and the scars covering her body, a testimony of years of pain and suffering.  If she had been there for her as her mistress had asked,  she could have protected her.  Could Sultana forgive her for failing her?  She knew that her daughter was the most important thing for Sultana, but Ilum wasn’t there for her when she needed her.  All she could do was to try to undo the damage.

With her powers Ilum made a map of the injuries in the young woman’s body, the more she knew the worse she felt.  None of the injuries were bad or life threatening, but she knew the effects they caused.  The burn scar had to hurt every time she went near a fire or when she tried to bend her arm.  The scar tissue in her back was so thick that it had to constrict her movements, and she was a warrior, she needed to move fast and free to defend herself or she could be in danger.  But worst of all where the scars inside her, those would probably made of an act of pleasure an act of torture, and it also made the possibility of the continuation of Sultana’s line impossible.

Ilum remembered how scared she was when she was given as a slave to the Dark Impire.  She had gone through great effort to hide her powers, to go unnoticed.  She saw all darkers as monsters; aggressive beasts without a heart.  She was lucky to end up as a collector in one of the orchards of the Agricultural Clan under the Imperialist Clan’s control.   But then the rebels had attacked and the Clan’s warriors had arrived to save them, but she had been afraid that the survivors would turn to be worse than the attackers.  She had seen first hand how cruel those warriors could be, as she knew of the cruelty of the officials in charge of the supervision of her current clan.  She was sure the newly arrived warriors were going to abuse her and destroy her.

And then she met Sultana, the woman destined to be the Empress was then just a young warrior.  Ilum remembered how she had defended warriors and workers alike, fighting the rebels with all her might.  After the battle she had ordered the healers and doctors to help the injured no matter who they were, she had dismissed help with the excuse of being fine, but Ilum knew she wasn’t fine, life was leaving Sultana and she couldn’t let that happen, she had broken her promise for that woman that had treated warriors and workers and slaves equally.  That woman that had restored her faith in the human race.

When Sultana became the Empress she had summoned Ilum to her service and since then she had been by her side constantly.  Sultana didn’t treat her like others, she respected her, cared for her in her way.  That’s why Ilum was decided to give Kaiserin the opportunity to have a long fulfilling life, that’s the least she could do for the woman that had saved her all those years ago.

Ilum’s power was reaching to the damage done to Kaiserin, her life force wrapping, and healing and recreating the young woman’s body.  Night had come and go, someone had entered the room and left, and still there was damage to be healed.  Ilum’s headache was getting worse by the minute, she had not much time left, when the blood started running down her face she felt desperate, she wasn’t done!  The burn scar was getting smaller, but wasn’t gone yet.

“Just a little bit longer,” Ilum prayed to her goddess, “just let me finish this last task.”


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