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“She is strong,” Adze told Boyar as he guided her to the room assigned to her during her stay at sector 32, “and smart.”

“She is strong alright, but I’m not sure how smart she is, hopefully smart enough to accept our deal and go with you.”  Boyar said.

“She won’t go with me.”

“Of course she will, as long as she starts thinking with her head, she will understand that you are her best choice.”

“The young woman knows I’m on your side, and she is smart enough to know not to trust you.  By being associated with you, I already lost my chance.”

“Nonsense, it will only take more time to convince her.”  Boyar reached the door of Adze’s room and opened it, letting Adze enter the room.

“I’m smart enough to realize that I won’t benefit from our relation anymore.”  Adze entered the room and stood just a step from the door, blocking Boyar from entering.  “It’s obvious Kaiserin won’t listen to you, she knows that you are not here to help her.  I don’t know what kind of relationship you two have, but I won’t dismiss the possibility that she will refuse me just to spite you. “

“Adze dear, you seem to forget that I’ve been playing this game far longer than any of you.  Before that brat existed, before you and your siblings were born, I was my brother’s right hand.  I have whispered in the emperor’s ear.  My voice has destroyed clans and ruined lives.”

“But that was a long time ago Boyar.  My sister knew of your potential, she knew you could help her or destroy her.  That’s why you ended up here.  Here you were useful, but more importantly, here you were unable to harm her.  I guess Kamose thinks the same, or he would have summoned you back to the Palace.”  Adze went closer to Boyar and whispered in his ear.  “Your glory days are over Boyar, just accept it.”

“You underestimate me my dear Adze.  Is true that my best days are over, but I’m still here, still strong.  And with or without your help I won’t stop until I can get a Maxima back in the throne.  I’m still working for our family.”  Adze’s face lost it’s cool for a moment, incredulity painted on it.

“You don’t care about our family, you only care about you.”

“Is this how you see me, after what I did for you?  Didn’t I offer to help you accomplish your revenge?”

“I know you want Caracalla out of your way, and I’m not stupid, I know that his death is not your goal, is just a step in whatever plan you are working on.  What is your real goal Boyar?  What are you expecting to accomplish?”

“That’s the problem with you, you don’t have patience, you don’t think long term.  But it doesn’t matter, you will know my goal when the time is right.”  With those words Boyar left, leaving Adze with more questions than answers.


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