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“I have a job for you,” said the young imperialist to Curare, leader of the Assassins Clan.

“Speak.” Dendro said.  He was seating next to his mother.  He knew the young man, he remembered him from the reunions, he was part of Caracalla’s inner circle.

“Our clans have always been close allies” the young man ignored Dendro, talking to Curare, “we have always been there for each other.  Now I have a job that can strengthen the ties that keep us together, a job that will cement the future for our Clans.”

“Do you speak for the Emperor?” Curare asked.

“I came here in representation of the future of my Clan.”

“You speak for Caracalla, don’t you?” Dendro asked.  “You think he is the future of your Clan.”

“I represent the Imperial Clan, that’s all you should care about.” He snapped.

“Are you sure that is how you should talk to the current leader and the future leader of the most important Clan in the Empire after your own?”  Curare voice was cold, and the young man lost his composure for a moment, letting them see his fear.

“If I ofended you I appologize, it wasn’t my intention.” The young man bowed to them.

“Say what you have to say, we’re done wasting our time.” Dendro said.

“You are the Assassin’s Clan, there’s no one better than you to get rid of someone dangerous.  And there is a person that if left alive will became a danger to all of us, we need to get rid of her.”

“That kind of requests is usually done through the Clan’s representatives, I don’ see why you asked to see us.”

“This is a very important job, and it requires care and discretion.”

“We know how to do our job, you don’t need to come here and tell us how to do it.”  Dendro had a bad feeling about it.

“If it wasn’t important I wouldn’t be here.  You saw what happened in the last reunion.  Kaiserin, Sultana’s daughter is out of control, she’s gone crazy.  By allowing her to live our Clan is suffering, conflicts are growing between factions, and we don’t even know what she will do next.  Is better for all of us if she disappears.”

“You came here to ask us to kill Sultana’s daughter?” Curare asked.

“That’s right.  For the future of our Clan.  But don’t worry, we will pay you for this, whatever you want.  I’m prepared to offer you territories and slaves in exchange of your sevices.”

“Kaiserin is not crazy.”  Dendro knew that he couldn’t act on impulse, but he wanted to beat the young man in front of him.  “She was just getting revenge, payment for the wrongs done to her.  She is not out of control and she is not a danger to us.”

“I agree that is best if the same situation doesn’t repeat itself,” Curare said, “but we also avoid it by killing Caracalla.”  The young man’s face went pale.  “Tell your boss that we won’t take the job.  What he offers me is nothing compared to what Kaiserin has already given me.  Our loyalty to your Clan remains, but we are betting in a different future.”

“You’re making a mistake.”  The young man’s words were brave, but he looked like he wanted to run out of there.

“No, your boss was the one who made a mistake the moment he decided to fight Sultana’s daughter.”


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