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“Who is she?”  Flora asked her father after he returned to the camp, and after taking the young imperialist and her warriors to one of the barracks where they were going to spend the night.

“Do you remember empress Sultana’s daughter?  The one who made it possible for our Clan to acquire this land and become part of the Empire?”

“Yes, the one you said was dead?  The one who appeared a short time ago in the Palace and put everything upside down?”  Flora had witnessed first hand the battle in the throne room, she had been talking with Dendro when the young woman attacked first Rimsin and then Caracalla.  At first she hadn’t understand what was happening, she had seen heirs running to her aid, even when she had attacked first.  Flora was impressed by the loyalty people showed her, and when she had talked to her father about it and he had told her who she was everything made sense, she was a respected warrior in her Clan and others.  She was someone capable of making powerful allies, and dangerous enemies.  “She looks very different from the last time I saw her, at the Palace she was covered in scars.”

“Rumor is that Sultana’s slave gave her life healing her, although I wasn’t expecting something so impressive.  She looks just like I remember from our first meeting.”  Izbran remembered how desperate he was when he first visited the Imperial Clan, his own Clan was in danger and he needed help, but the Empress had ignored him… at first.  As he recovered from the injuries Kaiserin had caused him the Empress had visited him and told him she had changed her mind and was going to help him after all, when he thank her she had just said: ‘don’t thank me, it was my daughter who convinced me to give you an opportunity.’  “Anyway, I’m happy for her, although I wish there was something we could do for her, rumor is she is practically a prisoner of one of the Empire’s generals.”

“What could we do?  Our position in the Empire has improved, but is not solid, we can risk losing what we have accomplished for her, rumor is the Emperor himself gave her to the general.”

“We can’t hold back because of that, this is a question of honor.  Remember Flora, our Clan was being persecuted, we had no place to live, our people was dying.  She gave us this paradise, it’s true that this territory was a disaster when we first arrived, but it had a lot of potential, and she knew it, this territory has tactical advantages, is safe and rich and vast.  She made it possible for us to prosper.  I’m not saying that we should act recklessly, but if we can we have to do our best to help her.”

“I’ll remember father.  I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be ungrateful.”

“Is ok dauther, I know your first concern is for your Clan, that’s why you will be a great leader.”

“Thanks father, I hope I can live up to your expectations of me.”


Copyright © 2014 | Kaiserin Novel


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