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“What are you going to do about the Seers?” Bunefer asked as she prepared for bed.

“What do you mean?” Kamose was already in bed, thinking about Kaiserin and her appearance in the sector, wondering how it was possible that she had been given the mission of retrieving the slaves without him realizing it.

“Everyone knows that you sent her away because you wanted her to be out of your sight, because you wanted everyone to forget about her, how dare they send her such an important mission?  Now everyone will be talking about her again.”

“Maybe you’re overreacting, is not the seers’ fault, they were asked a question and they answered.  The fact that Kaiserin was successful only confirms that they were right to send her.”

“I don’t get it, why don’t you kill her?  Every time she appears or is mentioned you get in a dark mood.”  Bunefer got into the bed, lying next to Kamose.  Resting her head on her arm, she stroked Kamose’s chest with her hand.   “She is nothing but a bad memory of Sultana.”

“She’s more than that. She is my daughter.” Kamose said.

“She is a Maxima, she is Sultana’s daughter, nothing to do with you.”  Bunefer made an angry gesture, she was tired of talking about the brat, she wanted Kamose’s thoughts only on her.

“She has my blood, and despite everything she keeps surprising me.  From the moment I discovered her telepathy potential, to this time when I discovered she was able to break my locks and recover her memories, she’s done nothing but prove she is more than I expected.”

“But she is a Maxima!”  Bunefer sat and looked at Kamose, she tried to touch his mind, but it was useless, she couldn’t see anything he didn’t want her to see.  “You did the right thing trying to erase her, you are a great warrior, a powerful Emperor and you deserve your lineage to continue for many generations,” especially if his lineage could merge with hers.  “If she gets the throne, everyone will be talking about Sultana’s lineage, she won’t be called Kamose’s daughter.”

“If I had done the right thing and recognize her I could have changed that,” was he trying to convince himself? Haven’t he thought the same as Bunefer many times?  “If I had kept her by my side, maybe people would have called her my daughter.”


“Everyone assumes that she would have become the next Empress if I hadn’t interfered, and after what happened in the Shadows many people will be thinking that she still has a chance of being the next to sit on the throne,” Bunefer was going to protest, but Kamose didn’t let her.  “Even you think she could have been the next ruler.  Do you think it was an error to clip her wings?”

“You did the right thing, never doubt it.”  Bunefer hated the girl that made her powerful lover doubt himself, she needed to distract him, and she did it the only way she knew how, she kissed his words away and made him lose himself in her body.



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