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After all those weeks of planning finally everything was working out.  Her father and the other leaders were fighting the general, and for the look of it, they were about to finish him, in just a few minutes they would have the advantage and finally they would take the Imperialists territory.  Felinae was grinning, letting her pheromones fill the air around her, the warrior that was about to strike her was now confused.  Felinae sauntered to him, with a smile on her face, her enemy was confused, but couldn’t help but react to her.

She could have played with him a little more, maybe even turn him against his own people, she has already done that a few times since the battle started.  But she had no time to waste, she wanted to be there when her father claimed the general’s life and his victory.

The warrior reached Felinae, in his mind, there was no more desire to fight, his only desire was the woman in front of him.  Felinae’s open arms were an invitation, and he, like a possessed man, threw himself at her, enveloping her, searching for her skin, trying to rip her clothes off, but before he could do that, Felinae’s claw tore at his neck.  At first the man didn’t seem to notice, then he looked at her and opened his mouth, trying to ask her what was wrong, but the blood in his throat prevented him from speaking.

Felinae’s attention returned to the battle, just in time to see his father sink his teeth in the general’s neck.  Suddenly, the fire around the warriors descended over her father and the other leaders.  One of them started running towards an enemy warrior.  Stakes came up from the floor impaling the warrior, another one was running behind him, he tried to dodge the spikes, but he was thrown to them.  Her father was also trying to attack the warrior, and she went to help him when she saw her getting her guns and firing at him.  She was distracted, trying to shoot him, and Felinae took the opportunity to kick her, she threw her to the ground, and her gun flew off her hand.  She was going to finish her, but she rolled out to the side at the last second and Felinae punched the ground where just a second ago her enemy was.  She doubted for a second, torn between going after her or going to her father, but she decided to let the other Beasts finish her, going to her father was more important.

“Are you ok father?” Felinae asked, seeing some burnings on him.

“Of course I’m fine,” he said with his usual roar, “the general is almost dead, if not dead already.  Come with me Felinae, is time to announce our victory.”  They walked a few paces closer to the heat of the battle.  “We won,” he roared.  “The general is dead and without a leader their troops are going down.  I claim this territory for the Beasts!”

Felinae was shouting with the rest of the Beasts, celebrating the victory they had worked so hard for.  Suddenly she noticed something wasn’t right, her father was moving, rising in the air.  He went six feet in the air before stopping, but then, his body twisted, the sound of bones breaking loud and clear in the silence that had followed his strange situation, then he fell to the ground and a heartrending scream tore the silence, Felinae heard the awful scream, not realizing it was her who was screaming.


Copyright © 2014 | Kaiserin Novel


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