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Rex couldn’t believe his good luck, he had thought Felinae was forever lost to him, but he had her!  Just that was reason enough to consider the deal the Imperialist was asking of him.

The group was moving ahead of them, with Felinae with him, he couldn’t risk the others being near.  If he let his warriors near them, they would soon start fighting for the privilege of serving her.  Felinae had a way of turning strong warrior into mindless puppets, but he was immune to her.  Not completely, no, he like the others was obsessed with her, she had crawled under her skin and driven him mad, but he was not like the others, his mind was still his own, he was the leader of the Predators, not Felinae’s toy.

Luck was on his side and Felinae was defeated by sleep by the time they reached their camp, he had been able to take her to his room without trouble.  He put her down on his bed and debated on taking her bindings off, but decided to leave those until he could talk some sense into her and let her understand her new role.

A strong, sharp pain woke Rex hours later, he jumped off the bed looking for the danger only to feel the same pain extending on his back.  As he turned he found Felinae attacking him, the blood on her claws left no doubt as the reason for his pain.

“What the hell are you doing?” Rex asked, fury taking over him.

“What does it look like?” She asked, “I’m going to kill you, you traitor!”  Felinae attacked him again, but he was awake and able to dodge, Felinae’s claws leaving just a superficial scratch on his arm.

“Stop!” Rex ordered.  “You’re mine Felinae, is better if you accept that and start following my orders.”

“I’m not yours and I’ll never be.”  She spat at him, preparing for another attack, but Rex was strong and she was weak after her captivity.  She had been able to fight him before, but not anymore.

“But you are mine,” Rex stared at her eyes.  “Don’t you know the payment your father promised me for my help?” Felinae’s eyes were clouded with doubt for a moment, but then her hatred shone again.  “Your father promised you in exchange for my help.  I did my part, is not my fault if you didn’t do yours.  And it’s time I collect my payment.”

“You’re lying!  My father would never do something like that without my knowledge.”

“Maybe he thought that you would be able to control me and he would have not one but two Clans to rule.  How wrong he was.”

“Let me go!”  Fueled by hate and fear Felinae was able to get free to scratch Rex again.

“You are not going anywhere.”

Rex tried to find the ropes that had bound Felinae, but found only shreds, she had torn them apart to escape.   Rex pushed her facedown to the bed and sat on her legs to keep her still, he took her arms and twisted them behind her back.  She let a moan escape her lips, but refused to scream, although Rex knew her arms were hurting because of the position.  Careful not to take his weight off her he reached under his bed for his backpack, and drew his pincers.  Blood was running down his chest and back, thanks to Felinae’s claws, the same she had used to break free.  He couldn’t let that happen again.  He took one of her nails with his pincers and tore it out.   Her scream echoed in the room and Rex thought that everyone in the camp would be able to hear her, the scream when he tore the second nail off was just as strong but more desperate.

“That will teach you not to attack your master, kitten.” Rex said once all her nails were off, but Felinae didn’t hear him, she has passed out a long time ago.


Copyright © 2014 | Kaiserin Novel


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