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First aniversary

My first post was a year ago, but it took me almost 15 years to start this novel.  Kaiserin is not what I first had in mind when I started to think about this world and this story.  It all started with a group of friends in middle school dreaming about making our own comic.  The comic never became a reality, but I wanted my story to continue, so I tried to convert the comic into a novel.  The first try, when I was in highschool, was what a friend called a rip off of Magic Knight Rayearth.   I admit it was similar, so I started to change the story.  A world of magic became a world of mutations and psychic powers.  Originally, it was set in the Light Kingdom, the characters where well developed and had extensive backgrounds, but their enemies, the Dark Empire was underdeveloped, so trying to balance things out I gave backstories to my characters from the Dark, that’s how Kaiserin first made her appearance.  While writing about her the character take a life of her own and continued growing and growing until it became what it is now.

I started Kaiserin novel a year ago, now is almost finished.  When someone writes a novel like this is for people to read it, there’s no point in creating something like this and hidding it, so I want people to read it.  If you’re reading this and enjoying it, please share it, or vote for it.



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