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Farnaces entered Caracalla’s room and found him with Agripina and Nebet.  Both women were competing among them over Caracalla’s attention.

“Are you going to share?” Farnaces asked and received a nasty look from Agripina and a kinky one from Nebet.

“No, they’re mine.  I need them to take the stress over her visit out of my system.”

“Forget about Kaiserin,” Nebet said, “you’ll be Emperor soon, and there’s nothing she can do to stop you, so stop worrying.”

“That’s true,” Agripina agreed, “after your father dies, you will be the only one prepared to take our Clan to victory, and then, when you win the Succession Battle, no one will question your right to the throne ever again.”

“And then she will pay for every humiliation.”  Caracalla hated her so much, just thinking about her made him mad, how dared she think she was better than him?  But he would show her once and for all who the better one was.  If she thought that what he had done was bad, she had no idea what was waiting for her this time.

“You haven’t said what are you going to do with her.” Said Farnaces.

“Don’t worry, you will have your turn with her.”

“His turn?” asked Nebet.

“It would be a pity not to take advantage of her training at sector 32,” Caracalla said with a devilish grin, “I will make sure that my people can enjoy her.”

“Rimsin’s memories of his time with her are really inspiring, I can’t wait to get my hands on her.” Said Farnaces.

“You think she will let you touch her?” Asked Nebet with a mocking laugh.  “If you haven’t been able to kill her, how do you expect to subdue her?”

“Do you doubt me?” Caracalla’s temper had ignited, he pushed Nebet to the floor.  “I’m Kamose’s heir, I’m the next Emperor.  I’m the only one will real info on the Beasts, I will be the one to destroy them, and then I will destroy her.  No one, not my father or my brother, especially not her will stand between me and the throne.”

Before Nebet could say something to calm Caracalla’s fury she was under his mental attack.  Before her defenses could rise he was inside her mind, twisting and changing.  Nebet tried to move, but Caracalla sat astride over her and pinned her hands to the floor.  After  a few minutes she stopped struggling, after a few more she was defeated.

“You killed her!” Agripina said, scared of what had happened.

“No, I’m just teaching her a lesson, she wanted to know what I was planning for Kaiserin, well, this is it.”  Caracalla lifted Nebet from the floor and Agripina and Farnaces could see that even though her body lay lifeless, her eyes were moving like crazy, she was looking at them with fear.  “You wanted someone to play with?” Caracalla asked Farnaces.  “Take her, have fun, teach her not to make fun of me.  It will be a good practice for when we get Kaiserin.”


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