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Inionri walked across the arena, she needed some distance from Kaiserin.  She knew it was very likely that she would have to fight her eventually, but if it was the case, she wanted to delay it as long as possible.

When Enoch announced the start of the battle, Inionri saw one of the heirs ran to her.  She didn’t hesitate in using a few tricks, faking surprise, she stumbled back and let herself fall, pretending to lose her balance.  Her attacker smiled and lifted his mace, ready to strike her, but before he had the chance, Inionri’s hair twisted around his ankle and pulled at it, making him fall.  Only his quick reflex saved him from hitting himself with his mace.  Inionri’s hair crawled up and twisted around his neck, pulling tight, choking him.

Inionri tried to get up, but before she could a new enemy pushed her back down.  Acting by instincts, she used the heir, the one still tangled in her hair, as a shield.  Managing to get up, she saw that her new enemy had stabbed her captive, killing him for her.

“Thanks for doing my dirty work,” she smiled as she threw the body towards her new enemy, then she twisted her hair to form a spear and drove it through her enemy.  That had been easy.  “Two down, a few dozen more to go.”

After that Inionri was ambushed by two enemies, and while she tried to remove the weapon of one of them, the other one cut her hair.  Inionri didn’t know if she should smile for her luck or be angry that they didn’t even recognize her and her powers.  The idiot had just given her the advantage in that battle, because she didn’t need her hair to be attached to her to manipulate it, and she proved by sending her cut hair to grab him by the neck and choke him.  The other man saw that and decided to escape, but Inionri saw him and creating another hair spear she drove it through his heart.

As the battle advanced, so did her confidence.  That was her error.  She felt someone behind her, so she turned around found herself face to face with a general, she saw his eyes, his blue eyes, eyes so deep you could lose yourself in them, and that’s what she did, she was lost…

The pain in her chest broke the trance, she saw the general walking away, leaving her there to bleed to death.  But again, she had been underestimated, the control of her hair wasn’t her power, it was just a fraction of it, she was a biokinetic, she had absolute control of her body.  She felt her heart and forced it to beat, she made her blood flow through her body.  She let herself relax for a minute, she really needed to fix herself first.  It wasn’t easy, by the time she had patched herself, her head was hurting, the first sign of her psychic headache showing.  She knew that it would hurt like hell if she continued to use her powers, but the battle wasn’t over and she needed to fight, or at least that’s what she thought.

Suddenly something was pushing her, it was like an invisible wall moving forward and forcing her back.  She tried to escape, but it was impossible to fight the invisible enemy.  She continued resisting but it was pointless, she was pushed until she stood between the arena’s wall and the invisible force.  It took her a while to realize what was happening.  Kaiserin and Caracalla were the only ones unaffected by the force, they were still standing in the center of the arena.

Impressed by her cousin’s power, she watched as she defeated her mortal enemy.  Inionri knew that her cousin was powerful; Kaiserin was one the strongest telekinetics in the Clan.  And after watching her destroy Caracalla as she held the remaining warriors captive, she knew no one would doubt her double mind again.

“You have seen what I can do,” Kaiserin’s voice echoed in the arena, “I don’t want to kill you, I think you are too valuable to kill, so I’m going to give you a choice: You can swear allegiance to me and recognize me as your Empress or you can die by my hand.  The choice is yours.”

Inionri didn’t have to think it twice, as she felt the wall vanishing, she approached her cousin and kneeling before her she pledged her loyalty.

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