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What happens now?

Is it over?

It was always my intentions to write the story as if it was a book, chapter by chapter.  But there’s still a lot I want to write about Kaiserin.  I think that where I stopped, is a good ending, it makes sense to finish in a happy ending, isn’t it?  Something I hate is to read a book, reach the end and discover that it really doesn’t end, because is part of a trilogy (or saga) and the author is forcing you to read all the books.  I didn’t want to do that to you, I wanted a book that could work as a standalone, so if you want to read more is because you enjoy it, not because I’m forcing you with a mean cliffhanger.

Another thing I hate (more than an ending that don’t really end), it’s incomplete web novels, to start reading a web novel and fall in love with the story, just for the writer to stop writing mid-story, leaving you craving the end, not knowing what the hell happened… that’s the worst you can do to me, and that’s something I don’t want to do to you, so I won’t start publishing book 2 until I’m sure that: a) It’s going to be a neat story that has a real ending and b) that I will be able to publish a chapter per week.

But that doesn’t mean that I will abandon the site, I will continue publishing short stories every tuesday, just like the bonus stories I have published so far, that will be to thank you all for reading Kaiserin and visiting my site.

So… if there is a character you want to know more about (other than Kaiserin), you can leave a comment telling me the name of the character and I will write something about it.

Thanks for reading and keep coming for more stories.


2 thoughts on “What happens now?

  1. The whole shadowlands area was interesting. If you could do something with the child (I feel so bad I cant remember it’s name, the one that Kaiserin is the godmother of) THat would be really cool.

    Perhaps something from the Kingdom of light as well.

    Your world is interesting. As a change of pace, why not a non combative character? A merchant trying to take advantage of newly conquered lands for example. I personally love economic stories since they are easier to connect with and can still be extremely tense.

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