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Bonus Ch2

Agis was escorted to his room. He had to fight every step of the way not to explode in a rage. He had almost done it, he was so close and then everything had changed. The last time he had thought that all Kaiserin needed was a little help to remember how things used to be between them, she just needed to relax! But she had rejected him again.
Agis remembered the first time that they had been together, it was just after escaping from the Creators Clan. Kaiserin had come back feeling vulnerable and ugly, she had needed support, and he had given it. He had been in the right place at the right moment, he had tried to do the same again, but he couldn’t. It was obvious that Kaiserin wasn’t alright, there was an air of vulnerability behind her and Agis had thought that he could take advantage of that again. And she owed him, it was he who had given her her memory back, Kaiserin wouldn’t even be where she was if it wasn’t for him, the least she could do is be a little more grateful to him.
Agis’ thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on his door, he smiled, thinking that maybe Kaiserin had changed her mind after all and send for him, but it wasn’t, Agis opened the door and found Maddan instead.
“What are you doing here?” Agis asked.
“I could ask you the same question, you shouldn’t be here.”
“Where I go and what I do is not your problem.”
“It becomes my problem when it affects my job.” Agis didn’t say anything and Maddan continued his attack. “My people told me that you were with Kaiserin, and that she was agitated after you left. What did you do? What did you do to bother her?”
“Nothing. Like I already said, what Kaiserin and I do is not your problem.”
“It is my job to take care of her, body and mind. If you something to hurt her then it becomes my problem.”
“Are you jealous because I got to spend time with her and you didn’t?”
“When Kaiserin and I spend time together, she leaves with a smile, she doesn’t send for her guards to get rid of me.” It wasn’t that Maddan and Kaiserin had been intimate, not since her return to the Palace, but Maddan knew that his words could be easily misinterpreted when he told them. He couldn’t stand Agis, and even knowing that they shared the same obsession for Kaiserin, he despised him for trying to force something. Maddan was content to wait for Kaiserin to be ready to take lovers again.
Agis attacked as soon as Maddan finished his words, Maddan could feel Agis’ mind trying to tear him apart, it was a fierce and vicious attack, an invasion so violent that a lesser warrior would have been howling in pain. But Maddan wasn’t a high ranking official for nothing, he returned the attack with the same intensity as he moved to hit Agis.
There wasn’t much chance of injuring each other, as his fight was quickly interrupted by a mind far stronger than theirs.
“As soon as you stop behaving like children I would like a word with you.” Both turned to Trajan, surprised to see him standing next to them. Neither of them had noticed his entrance, they had been too busy trying to tear each other apart.
“General.” Maddan bowed to his superior.
“Trajan.” Agis greeted him.
“General Trajan, show a little respect and don’t forget again.” His voice was cold, and even though his posture seemed relaxed, an air of menace was flowing from him.
“I’m sorry general.” But his tone showed the insincerity of his words.
“I just heard something that made me very angry,” Trajan started, “it seems that you now prefer to spend your time performing simple tasks, like preparing tea, instead of doing your job. You should be in your sector, working, not here making things even more difficult for Kaiserin.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about, General.” It was thanks to his training that Agis was able to remain calm.
“Did you really think that you can drug my sister without being found out?” Maddan knew that Agis had done something, but Trajan’s words were worst that what he had imagined, he wanted to kill Agis, but managed to remain calm. “You have twelve hours to leave the Palace, and I don’t want you back until you can behave with honor. You are lucky Kaiserin haven’t taken actions against you and I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to walk away alive, because I doubt that even Kaiserin will be willing to forgive you a second time, I know I won’t.”
“I still don’t know what you are talking about.”
Trajan moved so fast that Agis never had a chance to react, one moment he was just standing there, the next he had Agis against the wall.
“Do you really think I’m an idiot?” Trajan let Agis go, knowing that he was very close to losing his patience and killing him. “I won’t repeat myself again, I want you back in your sector by tomorrow. Maddan, follow me.”
“What did Kaiserin say?” Maddan asked when they were out of Agis’ room.
“She said nothing, but I have a way of getting information. Do you really think Kaiserin would admit to being vulnerable? She is locked up in her room, hiding. She will be fine, but we need to be more careful, is getting obvious that there is no one we can really trust.”


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