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Bonus ch29

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I know that today I was supposed to publish a new chapter, but I’m afraid that I’m a little behind in my writing, so I will leave this bonus chapter for you so you have something to read, and I will do my best to publish chapter 30 by tomorrow.

–  –  –

“We still don’t know what happened in that mine.  Tango’s men reported that the explosion was way bigger than they expected, as if there were explosives already inside that went off along with ours.  The explosion made the tunnels collapse, not just the entry, so the ground under them collapsed as well.  They did their best to dig him up, but no one found Tango.”  Ace’s advisor informed.

“Something is not right,” Ace said, “it’s not normal that my sons are disappearing in battle.  What about Colt? Is he back yet?”

“No, my Lord.  We have confirmed that he received the order to come back immediately, but his group disappeared on their way back.  We haven’t been able to communicate with them in a couple of days.”

“Father?” Spike interrupted.  “Have you considered that my brothers could be planning something at your back?”

“What are you talking about?” Ace wasn’t happy with the suggestion.

“Well, you know how they have been angry since you named me your only heir, and remember that Foxtrot was angry at you going after the Amazons just because they got to Tank.  Maybe they are rallying together to go against you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, none of them is stupid enough to try and go against me! They all know that my word is law.  They know what will happen to them if I found out that one of them is trying to cross me.  They would pay for their crimes in blood.”

“Calm down, I’m just saying… is rather suspicious that all the accidents are related with one of my brothers.  The only other logical option is that the Amazons are picking them up, but I doubt they’re smart enough to pull something like that.  Besides, if they had them, they would have used them already to try to make you stop attacking them.”

“You’re right about that, I also considered the Amazons involvement, but as you said that’s not possible.  The Amazons are impulsive, as all women, they are controlled by their feelings.  They don’t have what it takes to plan something so elaborated.  We have to think of other alternatives, because I don’t believe either one.”

“Maybe there’s another Clan involved? You know that a few months ago the Corsairs were seen talking with Alkaia.  And they are not the only ones, many Clan representatives have gone to them.”

“That’s another dead end.  Sure, some Clans have gone to Alkaia to make her feel safe, but that’s only a distraction, all the Clans are loyal to me.”

“What if someone is playing both sides?” Spike asked.  “Maybe someone thinks they have a chance to win and plan to help them in secret.”

“Son, don’t disappoint me, why would you think something so stupid?  No one would could think that they are capable of defeating us.  No, sooner than you think the Amazons will be under our control and the mighty Alkaia will be one more whore in my harem.  Once we have them, I will let you chose whomever you want so you can start your own harem.  Once we prove to the North our power, we will descend on the Empire, then we will have what we always wanted, what we deserve: Total control.”

“The Empire won’t be as easy as the Amazons.” Ace’s advisor spoke again.  Ace had forgotten he was there with them.

“Do you think they are stronger than us?  They are too worried right now going after the Slavers.  I’m sure they will be worn out by the time we finish with the Amazons and make our move on them.  I’m sure that by this time next year we will be in charge of every Clan.”


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