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Bonus 6

News about Faakhir’s death and the public execution of Emily traveled across the Dominion in a short time.  A few of those knew about Kaiserin’s plans, but even among those who had alliances with her, her true goals and long term plans weren’t known.

For most of the people in the Dominion, that first night was one of fear and trepidation.  Most people went to bed not knowing what they would find the next day.  The majority of the citizens of the Dominion were afraid things would only get worse under the control of Mzansi’s Demoness, the woman responsible for countless of death in all parts of the Dominion.  While most were afraid, a few ended the day resigned, and thinking that, since they had nothing more to lose, it didn’t really matter what happened next.

Things were different in the fringes of Capital City, a few hours after news of the deaths of their rulers, trucks loaded with warriors arrived, and started to gather the people and take them out of their homes.  Most thought their time had finally come, and that they were being led to their execution.  Most of them were too weak to fight back, hungry and hopeless, they resigned to their fate and moved to what they thought were their deaths, thinking that death was a better choice to the lives they had been living, but they were pleasantly surprised to find not a firing squad, but a feast waiting for them.

Once they made sure the food was for them, and that they could eat as much as they wanted, they were informed that they were participating in the celebrations for their new Queen.  Most of them didn’t trust the gift, and weren’t sure about the circumstances, but their empty stomachs did the thinking for them, and they decided to eat and drink as much as they could.  They didn’t care if it was a trap or a bribe, all they could think of at the moment was that they were hungry and there was food, they didn’t know when they would get their hands on food again, and they had to make the best of the situation.

While the people on the fringes of Capital City enjoyed their first true meal in months, the people from the Towers were oblivious to the act.  They were worried about their future and the decisions they had to make, they were thinking the pros and cons of recognizing the new government, and accepting a woman like Kaiserin as their new Queen.  Most of them quickly understood that they really had no choice, if they wanted to survive, they needed to accept their new tyrant.  They thought they were jumping from the frying pan into the fire, and wanted a way out, but they all arrived at the same conclusions, if they wanted to stay alive, they needed to accept Kaiserin and just do whatever she wanted, at least for the moment.


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